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is coming

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Roy Orbitron/Huge Pupils 12" vinyl split

you can buy it now.  it's done.  love you all.  buy it/stream the Roy Orbitron side here + stream the Huge Pupils side here.  you can buy it from them too.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ShitSleeper II: "Raw Mono" Now Available on Cassette and Digitally


ShitSleeper cassette tape available now. 11 tracks. 

limited edition of 99.

also available now for digital download!



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fluorescent Spells

you can now purchase a copy of Roy Orbitron's "Fluorescent Spells" EP on cassette tape.  sounds rl güd.

listen/buy here

Thursday, October 4, 2012


call me ignorant, call me stupid, whatever you do at least try and correct me without calling me a pussy or a faggot. try REALLY hard, ok? here we go: your metal "sound," your thrash specifically, makes no sense. it's bad. it's supposed to be "heavy" but it's a farce, just like a frolicking '80s dingbat with feathered hair and spandex -- an overdriven-to-fuck low-action soft-as-fuck guitar plinking that's actually comforting in its smoothness as it's been leveled off to have absolutely no dynamic range. the kick drum sounds thinner and twangier than the snare drum, there's no resonance to the snare because it's hit so damn fast that all you have is (heavily compressed and unsurprising) attack, and the bass is just mud flopping around on the bottom with no real drive or force to the music, just playing the same damn retarded-monkey-written guitar riffs an octave lower and simpler -- generally a failed guitarist who likes to party and suck the guitarist's dick.

the thrash sound is just about the pussiest sounds in the world. all the studio tricks and drum triggers and overdrive only results in the safest sound available for a band of "live" instruments next to pop songs that feature an electric guitar and other radio-ready rock.

no. fuck that. dig in. pick a real fight. give me hendrix's highs and lows, softnesses contrasting the loud bombastic clamors, the piercing aggressiveness of the feedback, and the emotional maturity it takes to play the blues. to play with feeling. give me Noel Redding and his fender fucking JAZZ bass - John Paul Jones and his - give me a bassist who's inventive and deeply rooted in the pocket alongside the drummer who's playing the damn drums, not quantized to a grid in some bullshit software. give me a kick drum that sounds like a kick drum, like it's the biggest fucking drum on stage (because it is, and you're supposed to fucking STOMP it with your FEET, you dainty gently-tapping blast beat motherfucker). fuck it, put two of them on stage like keith moon. give me Hubert Sumlin and Howlin' Wolf.  give me some truth. give me some goddamn SOUL.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Dismembering Re-memberment / Remembering Dis-memberment:

I lost my wallet and phone in the Czech Republic. I had no money and my computer died. I found myself in a cybercafe looking for 'me' but starring at a screen.This poem was initially constructed by lifting and repurposing personal messages from Facebook. I wanted to find a reflection ("Was I here?"). To this I added my own voice - this one right NOW - through the process of organization and edits. Is this a past and present pictured as one? I want something to stand on. 

What follows is the result:

<Actor action: HANDS to heart BOW. Ok, Kind face>

Throat box, off switch, cue

  1.     Orchid occludes light, light demands shadow, enclosure.      Suggestive of lotus position leans and falls stage R.

       (You are the stage. I’m an orchid. Shadow on you (an audience /  
        A thief demands shadow, but hold the  
        whisper, the rusty spoon.))

Begin dialogue:
"Somehow summer always makes me feel young and wet and sad - and I thought of you. I haven’t seen you in many months but your hair is still black in your profile picture. I think I need to give you a hug, let all that shit out and just let my tears ring outside the boxed page. Could that be arranged?

It’s really hard not to address you by past pet names. They’re etched into my rust. Like lately ... well just now really, I’ve been inhaling clouds of the past...
And baby ... shit! not baby
We'll find a rhythm
  in these letters
even if you never write back.
It’ll be a gift of silence I guess.
I haven’t been doing all that well lately...

C            onfession/redemption
Does this need more?"


"The real problem with me I think might be I’m really hurt but whatever it is that’s hurting me isn’t lit up so no one can see it. I smell this smell is persistent!
Is this why stars weep at their distance."

3:18am 5/8/12: I want our limbs to disappear
       to have to be that close. 

3:19am, 5/8/12: A new idea: Mask making section for anonymity’s sake. Shoes off mask on first thing when you enter a room.

3:20am 5/8/12: watching Planet Earth the “You” special
4:00am 5/8/12: masturbated to Big Ass girl scene 3. Feel really gross

            <voices inhale.                                       “Dinner!”
                                    Out breathe>

                                 < insert props grown +  pulled up from root. Cue lesson.>
                                                                               “I’m coming!”

            Certain life cycles of cause and effect are fixed. You can think of this as karma, kismet, fortune, fate, whatever. If you alter the objects you encounter, or even alter who you are, still the general arch of your story is never altered

THE _________ (triumph) / _________ (regret) / __________ (tears of joy moment) won't go away.
THE shudder won't go away.
            THIS Heart flutters & 
                        membranes won’t burst. 
                                     It all just maybe becomes heavier 
            b) It slips away 

            “ I guess I’m just weird like,
              I make sure never to touch
              someone I’m with I n t h e
              same w a y   a s I’ve e ve r
              touched someone bef or e ”


“This may be call ordered but it has to be verified”

MONOLOGUE section, draft 2:

Once I heard echoes. Once the past was the past. Once I was 13, I never refused a dare. Once I pooped my pants while playing Nintendo cause I just couldn’t stop. Once I wrote slogans. Once I ran & ran & ran & ran. It happed a lot. Once I rained. Once I had a whole universe  and when I closed my eyes I could go anywhere. Once I knew G-d. Once I blew out a candle every single night because my Mom said that was how wishes came true... I wished to marry the pink ranger. Once my head was aflame, it shined. Once my heart was mine. Now I bend.


This year Phil Collins Day will be celebrated with a confessional booth.
From 12-10pm come and confess your trials and tribulations of love.
Obsessions, endless loves, crushes and heartbrokens welcome.

            All confessions will be sent directly to (and only) Phil Collins.

            and spend the rest of their life floating on a lake.

Become history, jump judgment but wax didactic.
             a) Train extensively in paper preservation. In poetry in… save this and burn libraries collections etc
            b) Can this be poetry
to be poetry?

< Voices in hall & a singing bowl ina  glass orb is floating by some magic stage L. >

Let it breath and take the sight as
            Sustenance            sustience            seustience             sentient             supplement


“Won’t have a puff dear or at least a chicken leg dear?”

train sounds and the bathroom floor

“Won’t you?”

I listen but nothing.
I float but I don't know for how long.
I edging the peaks.
I letting it all just hit me and rise without bubbles.

 T       I       M       E      /      G      A      P 
<  B  L  A  C  K  O  U  T >

<Lights rise FAST - A breath in.>


  <Lights begin to fade.> 

. . . And further back behind these teeth, the Stars. 

< Out. Black. >

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Release: ShitSleeper's "Raw Mono"

   Currently available streaming only.

B Sides to come.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


HEY NEW JERSEY: ya see that big painting? see that thing next to it? that little square thing that's got the same stupid look on its face? there it is. those 4 fucking songs finally made it onto a lil piece of vinyl. i played bass, mixed the 4 "World of Treble" songs, pitched in $ here and there, and finally a year and half later i can hold it in my hands. AND IT SOUNDS GREAT. there are 4 songs on the 7" + an additional 6 on the "In the 21st Century" CD-R included with the vinyl (there's a sticker in there too). it's $5 via the Alfath Bandcamp -- now get yourself a copy & go make a skate video, punk.

[photo by josh]

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

help us press this record!

Sean & Bryan (/Huge Pupils) met Conor (/Roy Orbitron) at the Basement Gallery in Ewing NJ probably sometime in 2009 -- long before the Pupils birthed their debut full-length (see: "Kings of Leonia") and before Conor became a dad (literally). Since the Gallery was shut down, Huge Pupils have continued to be stalwart purveyors of particularly New Jerseyan punk and noise music; they play anywhere that'll allow them, and they've recorded a number of wondrous things. Since leaving NJ punk band Alien Father and becoming a dad, Conor's written & recorded songs for Roy Orbitron... resulting in rock & roll magic that features 7 or so different musicians spread from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to New Jersey to New York, their parts recorded on location later mixed by Conor to create a faux-supergroup of basement-dwelling freaks he admires (see: "Fluorescent Spells").

We'd like celebrate our friendship and continued musical proliferation by documenting a number of new songs on vinyl. One 18-minute side will be Huge Pupils and the other will be Roy Orbitron. But we need your help - financially, spiritually, and otherwise - to make this happen. Mostly financially... Pressing vinyl's a bit more expensive than a $100 DIY CD-R release via Staples and nimble fingers. We don't have metal parts, we don't have a record press, and we don't have any vinyl or any know-how... So we have to pay those that do. Won't you pitch in & make our dreams come true?

Huge Pupils & Roy Orbitron

Huge Pupils = Sean + Bryan
Roy Orbitron = Conor + Paul from Snoozer (Philly) + drummer Dan (just toured in NJ Ska outfit the Waffle Stompers) + violinist Noah (at Cargenie Mellon - previously on Shitsleeper's "Sky & a Flag") + Dave from Alien Father (NJ) + Josh from Rasputin's Secret Police (Philly) + Joe from Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks. Sean & Bryan have been and are being Rorbits live.

Re: T-shirts - examples of Alex Echevarria's work at Berks County Aesthetes
Re: Patches - other items by Quilty as Charged on Etsy

Friday, March 30, 2012

our friends over at NOISE-VIOLATION wrote-up an Alien Father/Pets With Pets (Australia)/Scary/Roy Orbitron show at the maggothouse in new brunswick NJ, with an interview of Roy Orbitron (backed by Huge Pupils). superb editing, guys.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i was having a very Dead Bugs kind of night last night. something about playing a loud & dirty New Brunswick basement show on a Monday night then waking up to get to your 9-5 job & sit under fluorescent lights in front of a computer all day just confuses the brain. sloshes it all up, dries it out, and brings it down. it wasn't that i was hungover or anything... but each scenario requires a particular game-face and only one is really smiling.

Laurence, Mr. Emanuel... Mr. Dead Bugs... the guy who's gone by Laurence for so long that i can't remember his real name (probably his intention... was is Adam?), asked me to throw up his newest release, "Of a Feather" as it's due to be released on vinyl sometime before the end of the year & that's all very exciting... don't get too riled up though, this record is pretty fuckin' somber - might bring you down a bit. i'm not sure if he wanted me to say anything about it but that RSP post got my fingers tapping so i'm going to ramble a bit and it probably won't make any sense. if you haven't already, click play and start listening.

1. like a song off of the Mountain Goats' "Tallahassee." i don't remember which one. it's been a long time since i've listened to that record and the girl i was infatuated with - whose aura was so complimented by that record's romanticism (and sarcasm) - is no longer fascinating to me. not in the least. not only am i not in love with her, or the idea of her, but i think she's pretty not-cool. if she reads this, sorry about that. maybe we can be facebook friends in a couple of years.
2. reminds me of Peasant, and in a lot of ways that disappeared Doylestown PA area folkie wound up meaning as much to me as that Mountain Goats girl. but the shows i saw were great... Playwright was great, that Buck County band Peasant would share bills with at places like that christian reading room/library in Princeton next to Hoagie Haven, or the attic of the cigar shop in Doylestown, or a little tuft of grass on top of a little mound of dirt in the middle of Peddler's Village on a hot summer day while old women strolled about with their huge wraparound black sunglasses and their sun visors and their short hair... old women and their short hair... and their vests. there was one woman there who approached him after a song and suggested that he ought to find god. i thought that was rude.
3. crowing about Pennsylvania... PA probably doesn't mean much to Blind Melon, but musically this could be a lost acoustic track. i hope that's not an offensive thing to say, it's not intended to be.
4. the peak of the first side. this song just kills. that HORN. Jon E. Erkkilä trumpeting away... what was the name of that band he was in? Joe would know...

there's a time in adolescence when you stop dancing or running through fields and you start to bring a blanket & lay down instead. this might coincide with trying to get laid, or trying drugs for the first time. when's the last time you got grass-stained jeans and a hole in the knee? when's the last time you had a summer off? i mean really off... if i say this music is great for a late spring/early summer evening, you'll have a decent idea of what i'm talking about but what i wish we could feel more clearly is the way those nights felt all those years ago. this album would certainly lead you through that kind of night. or 41 minutes of it... after you think you may have drank a little bit too much, or a bit too much than you're used to... when the girl you've had your mind on all night drank a little bit more than that and is just within eye and earshot making out with your best friend as you sit there counting the blades of grass popping up between your toes feeling absolutely foolish. the album's tagged on bandcamp as "cold-weather music" and though that's the weather i've felt with all the other Dead Bugs records, this one feels a bit different.

5. the Lambertville Station? the Frenchtown Inn? it doesn't matter. Mia Fiorentino on backup vocals.
6. Thérèse de Genova on violin again, that's two in a row... what a wonderful decoration to sew into a song.

Dead Bugs just keeps getting better... as those who don't give up inevitably do. in a a techno-shocked era where people make money sitting in an office and make friends sitting on facebook, Laurence is watching piles of rocks rolling down old metal train tracks through New Jersey woods; he's sticking to an acoustic, slow & deliberate style that's a short relaxing vacation from the highway and strip malls they carved out just up the road crammed full of old ladies and their kitschy home goods and their genetically modified bananas... old women and their short hair...

7. there's a love song or two on this record. a Bug found his valentine. i wish them luck.
8. i keep saying folk. i keep thinking folk. but there's too much reverb for this to be folk. or too many synths. even so, the sounds on this song sound like native american cave winds and the drums on it are heavy... beating sun-dried tom-toms and thunderbolt crash cymbals on the long-view horizon. less out of place than you'd think and mixed deeply into the cinematic ambience that instead of picking them out you're probably picturing Natalie Portman reclined in the passenger seat of your station wagon.
9. that horn again... from the 4th track... that guy is great. and Lauren Artiles on back-up vocals. she has a wonderful voice. i've recorded it before... Nesting Dolls. you'll probably never be able to find that record. hope she's doing well.
10. will Mr. Emanuel remain a foolish boy? will he sink into a bottle or is he too productive to ever really lose his booze-soaked brain? where will he go from here?

stay tuned for the next Dead Bugs release..

get more music and info here: