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Monday, July 28, 2008

meanwhile, at cake shop...

the Crayons (above), Telecosmic, and Rainbow Party (download butt jamz now.) opened for Every Bunny Welcome (below) at Cake Shop the other night. pretty rad.

also, Axel took a bunch of pictures of his penis with my camera and this is Alec with a moustache:

please try and contain yourself. MAINTAIN, PEOPLE. now stop looking at that and look at some video from Rainbow Party's set. at the end you get to see Sydney picking his earwax!!!!

the next day E.B.W. played at a coffee house in Flemington, NJ. Axel was there again but we forgot the camera so there are no updated pictures of his boyparts. also, there was a band there that sounded like a Jerry Garcia tribute band and blew nuts. i really hate Flemington.

anyway. look out for this upcoming Crayons record. it seems a bunch of you have copies of the unmixed songs already and the only thing i have to say is LISTEN! it'll all be louder soon, i promise! it's intentionally peaking at -3dB! also, Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks recorded a demo here that i've got to make sound pretty before it's up here. look for a big update around Aug 1st with lots of music.

until then, save the moustache picture as your desktop background but make sure not to look the bunny in the eye or you'll turn into a camel with three humps or in some rare cases, four.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

#39 - Every Bunny Welcome, "'merican EP," 2008

here it is, y'all. YEE-HAW!


1. Whiskey Day
2. Heatwave/Smokin' Urban Herb's House
3. Soozee
4. Rickett's Glen
5. Dragun Slayur
6. 'Mericans

recorded, mixed, mastered at 1331 by Conor Meara and E Bunny

(link in about 20 mins)

show this SATURDAY, etc.

make sure you get to this... E Bunny, Crayons, Rainbow Party and Bear, the Ancestor are all tamur babes playing with Telecosmic down on the LES. should be a motherfuckin party.

in other news, the new Every Bunny Welcome EP (with Ray Weiss from Le Rug on drums and myself engineering/mixing most of it) should be posted up here TOMORROW. it's almost done and we're about ready to part with it.

the Le Rug record release show for SEX REDUCTION FLOWER's line-up has been confirmed (Michael Jordan, Radiates, Lidia Stone, So So Glos) as well as the venue (Silent Barn) and the date (AUGUST 8TH). we'll be hosting the entire album for FREE DOWNLOAD from august 9th to something like a week later. there's a flyer with all the info that should be up here tomorrow.

in more news, i've got a whole lot of albums to post up on here that i just don't have room for. i'm upgrading the site in effect August 1st and on that date i'll be able to post albums such as:
- Captain Werewolf (one finished a while ago and one on the way)
- Nesting Birds (mike shay from bear, the ancestor, E Bunny, Joe Plourde from Canaries/Smokestacks, Eskimeaux and myself all contribute to this one-off day project)
-Hundred Dollar Elephant (Ray from Le Rug/Every Bunny Welcome's old highschool recordings)
- Le Rug's C.R.E.E.P. (currently, we think, out of print)
- a Crayons record we recorded today
- the Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks EP
and some other stuff i'm sure i can dig up.

so lots comin, keep in touch, freemusic lovesex,
conor (c/o tamur.records)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"the organic opposite of Viagra" presenting: Sex Reduction Flower


1. Harold Camping
2. 2C-E
3. Kirby
4. Conorlude (one)
5. Human Papillomavirus
6. Hugo
7. Sweet Kicks
8. Buffalo
9. Aeroplane
10. Tripper
11. Conorlude (two)
12. Godstar

Monday, July 14, 2008


greetings from the beautiful state of north carolina (!)... been chillin here for a few days and staying for a few more meeting good people, seeing old friends and digging on the big sky. seriously -- it's so fucking huge here. it's a little different from north jersey, let me tell you.

drove down here with the bunny in his mom's prius (trying to avoid getting raped by the gas prices) after finishing up the tracking to Sex Reduction Flower (see post below) and when i get back we're mixing it all (adding the low end back into the sound... something missing from bleenex in my opinion... making it lo-fi when necessary and hi-fi when necessary and trying to get the songs across sonically) and then we're sending it off for mastering. once again, the whole thing will available on here for FREE for about a week near the date of the release show --- check up on info on that here (suckin all you in to the tamur world... get addicted, son!)

anyhow. if y'all get a chance, check out this state. it's nice here. see y'all in jersey.

-conor (via NC)

Friday, July 11, 2008


is a new album by Le Rug (above) recorded and mixed at 1331 by myself and Ray (motherfucker moved in!)

we're just about finished tracking the record and sending it off for mastering in a little over a week (if all goes to plan)

the follow-up to Bleenex includes fully realized versions of songs from C.R.E.E.P. and overall has more of a yes-this-is-a-real-band vibe than a ray-sitting-at-home-alone-and-sad-recording-every-instrument-himself vibe, thanks to Matt Gaffney on drums, Max Kagan doing some guitar, Conor Meara (ex-Canaries...that's me), and contributions from Every Bunny Welcome, Joe Plourde (Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks,) Gabby Smith (Eskimeaux) and perhaps most exciting, Paul Marotta (from electric eels (pictured below - far right), Mirrors + the Styrenes,) and some maybe some other surprises.
SEX REDUCTION FLOWER is due out the first week of August at our record release show (tentative date: August 8th or 9th) where we'll be playing with a surprise reunion opening act + others TBA. the whole album will also be available for FREE for a week following the release show.


tell your friends. get HYPED. peace.

p.s. the album includes a bangin cover of Godstar by Psychic TV. Check it:

Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks

have got demos. available at their upcoming shows

get ready for an EP mixed by yours truly (if the offer's still on the table)

check out their myspace

Thursday, July 10, 2008

this is some beatiful landscape from northern new york state
yo just so all y0ou motheruckin crackheads know, my name is every bunny welcome not bunny2 or some shit. you can call me e. bunny if youz a pimp. or a lazy douch-eater



Wednesday, July 9, 2008


shows, gigs, live events, good times, loud music, get the fuck out and support these people. sweat, dance, meet some good looking people, meet more funny looking people, get your ears blown. righteous.

13 | Manhattan, NY ~ Michael Jordan & the Crayons @ Bowery Poetry Club w/Radiates & Tinselfish
17 | Brooklyn, NY ~ Michael Jordan @ Death By Audio w/Antimagic, Woman & the Drayton Sawyer Gang
19 | Brooklyn, NY ~ Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks @ 129 N 5th st. Roof Party w/JUNTA. 9pm.

1 | Brooklyn, NY ~ the Crayons @ Tom's Tavern w/the Sediment Club, Riff Raff, Greg from O' Death, Barking Spiders & Air Waves
10 | Brooklyn, NY ~ Michael Jordan @ Club Europa, Native Shout Arts & Music Festival w/Shellshag & tons more TBA
15 | Manhattan, NY ~ Michael Jordan @ 6th St. Community Center B w/Cop Killers, the Lucky Fucks & Baby Sandwiches

6 | Manhattan, NY ~ Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks @ the Underscore (1733 1st Ave. btw 89th & 90th. w/ Sam McTavey, Modern Major Generals, If But When & Florence. $10 at the door, $5 advance. 8pm. 21+ (manhattan = lame.)

yo yo yo this shit looks sweett

good job conman on the internet building.

soooo. i will hopefully have an album/EP coming out by the end of the month

and it wont have my shitty drums on it ittle have the gay ray on it

i love gay ray

love alec

Upcoming Shows - BR'ER TOUR

here'er the dates and towns (and some venues) for the br'er tour with Hermit Thrushes. I'll try to update this post with answers for all the TBAs but for something more reliable, check out the Br'er myspace or full grown man.

18 | Toronto, ON ~ Primary Colors w/ Hermit Thrushes
19 | South Bend, IN ~ Potawatomi Greenhouse w/ Hermit Thrushes
20 | Milwaukee, WI ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
21 | Chicago, IL ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
22 | Madison, WI ~ Nottingham Co-Op w/ Hermit Thrushes
23 | Minneapolis, MN ~ Future Pasture w/ Hermit Thrushes
24 | Iowa City, IA ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
25 | Lincoln, NE ~ Box Awesome w/ Hermit Thrushes
26 | Joplin, MO ~ Cesspool Castle at 6:00 w/ Hermit Thrushes
27 | Memphis, TN ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
29 | Hot Springs, AR ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
30 | Murfreesboro, TN ~ House Pride w/ Hermit Thrushes

01 | Atlanta, GA ~ 11:11 Teahouse w/ Hermit Thrushes
02 | Athens, GA ~ The Secret Squirrel w/ Hermit Thrushes
03 | Asheville, NC ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
04 | Charlotte, NC ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
05 | Savannah, GA ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
06 | Charleston, SC ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
07 | Chapel Hill, NC ~ Night Light w/ Hermit Thrushes
08 | Greenville, NC ~ Spazzatorium w/ Hermit Thrushes
09 | Manassas, VA ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes
10 | Lancaster, PA ~ TBA w/ Hermit Thrushes

38 albums

in one night. that's 38 posts to this newfangled blog. of course this is a perfect time (on the 39th) to talk about the amount of faith i have in every artist who has contributed anything to this collective: a lot. period. a lot.

there's some new albums up here, a lot of old albums with some new commentary, and some new pictures and things. it's a new hierarchy, a new system of management, of file organization, of general presentation. this, my friends, is the new home of tamur.records. welcome, listen, hearmusic, get revolution, and most importantly? DANCE.

like always, everything on here is for free download courtesy the artists who have sent me music and who are my friends and who continue to make new music every day and contribute new things to what we call "tamur.records," a funny "record label" that exists on its own terms with no expectations and very few fans.

hopefully this huge update will carry you all through most of the summer and of course more things are in progress and soon to be released (a new le rug album, new every bunny welcome EP with ray weiss on drums, tom blacklung and the smokestacks' new record (joe plourde, ex-canaries, 's new group.) lots of things coming, lots of things being made even though, yes, we are all moving (geographically) away from eachother. i'll keep this up as i have for at least 4 years and hopefully y'all will still listen. there'll also be updates from eskimeaux, hopefully alec, and perhaps some others. we'll also let you know here about shows coming up so y'all can get out and support tamur artists live.

submarines, dying birds, and a hell of a lot of hope (on that note, p.s., vote for barack.)

sincerely (without wax,)
conor gerard meara

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

#38 - Brandon Can't Dance, "Seahorse Morsels," 2008

brandon on myspace

also, make sure not to miss this:
Dec 31 2010 12:00P
hobble space telescope spacecity, Florida

#37 - Bear, The Ancestor, "Acapulco Gold", 2008


and check out the new myspace

#36 - Michael Jordan, MJ + Canaries Split EP, 2008


these are three tracks that MJ recorded at the Canaries' 1331 studio that were intended to make up half of a MJ/Canaries split. unfortunately the Canaries broke up before completing their half, MJ disappeared to all different parts of Europe and the split was never released.

if you haven't seen MJ live yet, you need to. don't go dying before you've seen this loudness.

#35 - Bunny2, "GRUNGE" EP, spring 2008


the captain is at it again. there's always something new on the EBW myspace if you want to hear something new, otherwise you can grab a copy of "23 songs" at a live show. yes, the bunny's been playing live, featuring Ray Weiss (lead guitar/vocals Le Rug) on drums. repeat: grunge ain't dead. grunge AIN'T DEAD. GRUNGE AIN'T DEAD.

#34 - Eskimeaux, "Helleaux", 5/2008


gabby just doesn't stop. sittin around all day singing at her computer slappin on some reverb and sounding like (as Pat would say) "angels on heroin." here's another offering from 1331.

for more, and exclusivezzz: ****ESKIMEAUX BLOG ****

#33 - Eskimeaux, ".. / .... .- - . / -. .--- (Di-dit, Di-di-di-dit Di-dah Dah Dit, Dah-dit Di-dah-dah-dah)" EP, 2008


for more, and exclusivezzz: ****ESKIMEAUX BLOG ****

#32 - Conor Meara, "Skip When Shuffling" EP, 2007/8


these are 5 songs. they're covers. the first is "promised land" by bruce springsteen from his album darkness on the edge of town. it has joe plourde and eskimeaux lending some backup vocals/screams. the second is "express yourself" by charles wright & the watts 103rd street rhythm band and features Baby Dino on vocals. the third is a cover of a white stripes song, the fourth is a cover of Al Green's cover of the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" with a drunk Every Bunny Welcome and friend Nick Lehmann (of Curious George fame) lending vocals. the fifth and final track is a cover based off of a live version of "Triumph of the Will" by A Three Ring Circus (for Autistic Children) when they still were for Autistic Children and were only a duo of vocals and distorted rhodes piano. they were recorded in the winter as a christmas present to my parents.

#31 - Bunnidos, "It's Time to Do That Thing That We Do", 2008


contrary to popular belief, the first line in "Americans" is NOT about angry martha.

#30 - Bunny2, "Kuligrufy", 2007?


#29 - CAW!, "We Play For Nobody (It's Our Choice)", Discography

this shit is so fucking good. a CAW! discography! holy fuck!

CAW! was a band from the old faux fetus scene. Ben Schurr (bass) went on to start Br'er and also has mastering credit on the Canaries' "Poke the Machine" full-length. Dan Angel (drums) now plays drums with Curt (father of faux fetus, previously drummer for Chamomile, another amazing philly band) and gang in a new(er) band called Ugh God. hard to follow? sorry about that... it's all so fucking incestuous on this eastern corridor but shit you not, these are all great musicians. there was also a guy named Sean Finan who i've never met and apparently hates everyone. he played guitar. he was fucking awesome. check out this live video of CAW!:

#27 - Canaries, "Poke the Machine", 2008


#28 - Conor Meara, "Drop Out of College" EP, 2006


#26 - Rainbow Party, "Butt Jamz", 2008


"Rainbow Party wants, what they want, and every other guy, who's came over here, spilt his guts, gave everything he had, ONCE, for our country to love us, as much as we, Love...IT. That's what Rainbow Party wants."

check out the myspace (where you can order a $5 custom copy of butt jamz)
check out drummer sydney howell's flickr

#25 - Eskimeaux, "Iglu Songs", 12/2007


for more, and exclusivezzz: ****ESKIMEAUX BLOG ****

#24 - Eskimeaux, "Awkward Party", 11/2007


for more, and exclusivezzz: ****ESKIMEAUX BLOG ****

#23 - Br'er + Charles Cohen, Live at Inciting HQ, 4/9/2007


this is a live noise set. it's loud, it's noisey and it doesn't sound much like br'er anytime-else does.

to get an idea of who charles cohen is and what he's about, check this out:


#22 - William Carpenter's Family Troubadour, "A Private Tape", 2007


whether he's going by will haine, william carpenter, william carpenter's towering trees or william carpenter's family troubadour i can't follow. when i met him (will haine) he didn't have facial hair, was drunk, and was pissed off about being in new york city. dig on some live vids, courtesy youtube. keep on keepin on in portland, don't forget to call me on holidays.

#21 - Br'er, "Kabuki Atrocity" EP, 2007


#20 - Nosferatu's Lost Dog, "Where's He Gone To?" EP, 2007

"where'd my dog go?"


#19 - Baby Dino, "Nuala" EP, 2007


#18 - Baby Dino, "Rainsong" EP, 2007


#17 - the Pidgeons, Faux Fetus session remixes, 2006/7


recorded by Ben Schurr, Dan Angel and James from faux fetus. never released, remixed by Conor.

#16 - Brandon Can't Dance, 2, 2007


#15 - Captain Werewolf + Miles Rozatti, Split EP, 2007


Ben from Br'er had a hand in this one. Captain Werewolf is some classic ass faux fetus shit, Miles Rozatti's "Fuck Off" was on the tamur.records spring '07 sampler.

#14 - Rainbow Party, "Big Coat, Little Pants", 2007


#13 - Conor Meara, "Seacowz/Pacific Life", 2004-7


a compilation of a lot of old music from highschool that i came across. this stuff is not good.

#12 - Every Bunny Welcome, "Shit, My Eyes Hurt" EP, 2007


tr#11 :: Brandon Can't Dance, Vol. 1 (2006)

highschool, minivan, drive around, nothing to do, this one's for you.

#10 - Curious George, EP, 2006


features Captain Volcano, Every Bunny Welcome (a.k.a. E. Bunny, Bunny2, Bunnidos, Captain Gaybar), Holly, Nick, Bruce Juice, KD, Conor, others? It's cold in winter.

#9 - Conor Meara, "Nikol Kidman", 2007

living alone in jersey city with one microphone, i spent three days in a row recording three songs a day and on the fourth i put it all together. a rough effort, but charming nonetheless (i'd like to hope)


#8 - William Haine, "Furiously Pounding a Broken Piano" EP, 2005


#7 - Conor Meara, Live on WYBF, 2006


#6 - Every Bunny Welcome, ":Goes to France" EP, 2006


#5 - the Pidgeons, EP, 2006 + live mp3s


#4 - Every Bunny Welcome, EP, 2006


#3 - Michael Duke, EP, 2006


#2 - Conor Meara, "My Muse is on Vacation", 2005


#1 - Conor Meara, "My Muse is on Vacation", 2004