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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

#29 - CAW!, "We Play For Nobody (It's Our Choice)", Discography

this shit is so fucking good. a CAW! discography! holy fuck!

CAW! was a band from the old faux fetus scene. Ben Schurr (bass) went on to start Br'er and also has mastering credit on the Canaries' "Poke the Machine" full-length. Dan Angel (drums) now plays drums with Curt (father of faux fetus, previously drummer for Chamomile, another amazing philly band) and gang in a new(er) band called Ugh God. hard to follow? sorry about that... it's all so fucking incestuous on this eastern corridor but shit you not, these are all great musicians. there was also a guy named Sean Finan who i've never met and apparently hates everyone. he played guitar. he was fucking awesome. check out this live video of CAW!:

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