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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

#32 - Conor Meara, "Skip When Shuffling" EP, 2007/8


these are 5 songs. they're covers. the first is "promised land" by bruce springsteen from his album darkness on the edge of town. it has joe plourde and eskimeaux lending some backup vocals/screams. the second is "express yourself" by charles wright & the watts 103rd street rhythm band and features Baby Dino on vocals. the third is a cover of a white stripes song, the fourth is a cover of Al Green's cover of the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" with a drunk Every Bunny Welcome and friend Nick Lehmann (of Curious George fame) lending vocals. the fifth and final track is a cover based off of a live version of "Triumph of the Will" by A Three Ring Circus (for Autistic Children) when they still were for Autistic Children and were only a duo of vocals and distorted rhodes piano. they were recorded in the winter as a christmas present to my parents.

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