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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

38 albums

in one night. that's 38 posts to this newfangled blog. of course this is a perfect time (on the 39th) to talk about the amount of faith i have in every artist who has contributed anything to this collective: a lot. period. a lot.

there's some new albums up here, a lot of old albums with some new commentary, and some new pictures and things. it's a new hierarchy, a new system of management, of file organization, of general presentation. this, my friends, is the new home of tamur.records. welcome, listen, hearmusic, get revolution, and most importantly? DANCE.

like always, everything on here is for free download courtesy the artists who have sent me music and who are my friends and who continue to make new music every day and contribute new things to what we call "tamur.records," a funny "record label" that exists on its own terms with no expectations and very few fans.

hopefully this huge update will carry you all through most of the summer and of course more things are in progress and soon to be released (a new le rug album, new every bunny welcome EP with ray weiss on drums, tom blacklung and the smokestacks' new record (joe plourde, ex-canaries, 's new group.) lots of things coming, lots of things being made even though, yes, we are all moving (geographically) away from eachother. i'll keep this up as i have for at least 4 years and hopefully y'all will still listen. there'll also be updates from eskimeaux, hopefully alec, and perhaps some others. we'll also let you know here about shows coming up so y'all can get out and support tamur artists live.

submarines, dying birds, and a hell of a lot of hope (on that note, p.s., vote for barack.)

sincerely (without wax,)
conor gerard meara

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