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Monday, July 14, 2008


greetings from the beautiful state of north carolina (!)... been chillin here for a few days and staying for a few more meeting good people, seeing old friends and digging on the big sky. seriously -- it's so fucking huge here. it's a little different from north jersey, let me tell you.

drove down here with the bunny in his mom's prius (trying to avoid getting raped by the gas prices) after finishing up the tracking to Sex Reduction Flower (see post below) and when i get back we're mixing it all (adding the low end back into the sound... something missing from bleenex in my opinion... making it lo-fi when necessary and hi-fi when necessary and trying to get the songs across sonically) and then we're sending it off for mastering. once again, the whole thing will available on here for FREE for about a week near the date of the release show --- check up on info on that here (suckin all you in to the tamur world... get addicted, son!)

anyhow. if y'all get a chance, check out this state. it's nice here. see y'all in jersey.

-conor (via NC)

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kabir said...

hahaha of course the low end is too low

you're the bassist