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Monday, July 28, 2008

meanwhile, at cake shop...

the Crayons (above), Telecosmic, and Rainbow Party (download butt jamz now.) opened for Every Bunny Welcome (below) at Cake Shop the other night. pretty rad.

also, Axel took a bunch of pictures of his penis with my camera and this is Alec with a moustache:

please try and contain yourself. MAINTAIN, PEOPLE. now stop looking at that and look at some video from Rainbow Party's set. at the end you get to see Sydney picking his earwax!!!!

the next day E.B.W. played at a coffee house in Flemington, NJ. Axel was there again but we forgot the camera so there are no updated pictures of his boyparts. also, there was a band there that sounded like a Jerry Garcia tribute band and blew nuts. i really hate Flemington.

anyway. look out for this upcoming Crayons record. it seems a bunch of you have copies of the unmixed songs already and the only thing i have to say is LISTEN! it'll all be louder soon, i promise! it's intentionally peaking at -3dB! also, Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks recorded a demo here that i've got to make sound pretty before it's up here. look for a big update around Aug 1st with lots of music.

until then, save the moustache picture as your desktop background but make sure not to look the bunny in the eye or you'll turn into a camel with three humps or in some rare cases, four.


kim lettiere said...


boycott them.

Mike Shay said...

yes conor. at least you're not living here. fuck phleghmingtun.

Conor said...

i have a present for you mike shay. it's in my parents' garage and they are expecting you anytime. gimme a shout to see wtf i'm talkin about.

it's not in perfect condition (needs a $5 repair) and i don't know if you need it but lemme know and you can pick it up anytime whether or not my parents are there.

see you in pittsburgh.