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Thursday, July 24, 2008

show this SATURDAY, etc.

make sure you get to this... E Bunny, Crayons, Rainbow Party and Bear, the Ancestor are all tamur babes playing with Telecosmic down on the LES. should be a motherfuckin party.

in other news, the new Every Bunny Welcome EP (with Ray Weiss from Le Rug on drums and myself engineering/mixing most of it) should be posted up here TOMORROW. it's almost done and we're about ready to part with it.

the Le Rug record release show for SEX REDUCTION FLOWER's line-up has been confirmed (Michael Jordan, Radiates, Lidia Stone, So So Glos) as well as the venue (Silent Barn) and the date (AUGUST 8TH). we'll be hosting the entire album for FREE DOWNLOAD from august 9th to something like a week later. there's a flyer with all the info that should be up here tomorrow.

in more news, i've got a whole lot of albums to post up on here that i just don't have room for. i'm upgrading the site in effect August 1st and on that date i'll be able to post albums such as:
- Captain Werewolf (one finished a while ago and one on the way)
- Nesting Birds (mike shay from bear, the ancestor, E Bunny, Joe Plourde from Canaries/Smokestacks, Eskimeaux and myself all contribute to this one-off day project)
-Hundred Dollar Elephant (Ray from Le Rug/Every Bunny Welcome's old highschool recordings)
- Le Rug's C.R.E.E.P. (currently, we think, out of print)
- a Crayons record we recorded today
- the Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks EP
and some other stuff i'm sure i can dig up.

so lots comin, keep in touch, freemusic lovesex,
conor (c/o tamur.records)

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