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Saturday, September 6, 2008

#47 - Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks, "Buy Dem Cakes," 2008

TB&tSS are: Joe P (guitar, vox, ex-Canaries R guitar), Rob Lundberg (bass, ex-Canaries drums), Josh Rosenberg (drums). this is a record they recorded over at 1331, mastered by myself. the track-listing is as follows:

1) Crap in the Wind
2) In to Enter
3) Break 1
4) Independence Day
5) Tweek
6) Picking Flowers
7) Shake it up, Baby.

download this album
go to TB&tSS myspace


Joe Pee said...

Thanks to Nick kwiatek for the art!

Anonymous said...

where oh where can i find this masterpiece?

Conor said...

right here, right now, for 7 days unless somebody wants me to put it up for more (how it all is round here these days.. ran out of space everywhere.)

Joe Pee said...

only 7 days?
shit man, how much would more space cost?
it works on a monthly basis right?
so let me know what it would be per month to upgrade and I'll send you some money's that will work toward maintaining the space.
Or we could just have a telethon, or maybe a "rock-a-thon".
Let me think about this.

Conor said...

do some good thinking because until i have a job i'm covering the same $10 a month for it all that i've been paying for a long while now. i sent a message to the free music archive that faux fetus is going to be a part of (see fauxfetus.net) but they haven't answered. maybe you can go stop by WFMU (the radio station that's doing the project) and look for Jason Sigal (went to PDS, graduated 4 years earlier, was at a canaries show in bushwick, was going to get a job there). otherwise we need to find some cash.

bunny1 said...

i have money im a rich college kid


i found a violinist...

its coming...