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Thursday, September 4, 2008


(#40, below) or CLICK THIS (for a more direct route)

if you still want a hard copy to support Ray's eating habits, i suggest getting to a gig and picking one up. that is, if you think it's worth some money. He's hungry, he's thin, he's wasting away. do it to it.

go to the RUGspace

ALSO: CHECK OUT THIS FEATURETTE!!! filmed by Kurt Bailey, an interview with Ray and a live shot of Kirby from my last show with em in Brooklyn (a Sophia Warren joint at the garage in brooklyn... 741 myrtle):

there are more photos from this on Richard Gin's flickr photostream, more specifically here. no photos of the Rug but a bunch of good ones of Lydia Stone and Michael Jordan.

without wax,
Conor (c/o tamur.records)


ShowPaper said...

Sweet, that was Sophia Warren's show, right? In the garage, with Michael Jordan? I'm so bummed I missed it :(

Conor said...

yep, that's the one. maybe i should've stated that. richard gin's photos from that show now mentioned in the post.

too bad the cops came :(