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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

maui wowee!

so i'm really sorry about not getting things up here at the times i've said i would. i guess i'm just a prick like that... ray from Le Rug stole my power charger and i just got it back last night on a jerseyshore-hamilton-newtown-jerseycity to brooklyn to manhattan to newtown by 6am mini-adventure as part of the much longer adventure series entitled "the conor and axel do it to it: summer '08 tour." we have matching pogues tattoos now... don't tell my mother. this is us at CVS in hamilton new jersey:

edit: and my mother found out about the tattoo so here's a pic of em:

axel will most likely be sitting in on bass for Le Rug while i'm in pittsburgh. the rug as you know it is about to get 50x more metal. speaking of the rug, ray wrote up somethin real nice n sweet on tamur at his new home on the internets, selfportrait.net's antARTica blog. currently the post is the second one down, and it'll be movin movin down as others post so check it while it's on the first page

bear, the ancestor has a new album up online and i'll retrieve the link for y'all as soon as possible

now let's talk about the sexy times... LE RUG SEX REDUCTION FLOWER RECORD RELEASE PARTY AT THE SILENT BARN WAS FUCKING AWESOME. from RADIATES to LYDIA STONE to MICHAEL JORDAN to THE MOTHERFUCKING SO-SO GLOS to LE RUG, the crowd was bumpin and moshin and dancin and groovin and doin it toin it all fucking night long. big thanks to Joe from the barn for hosting it. so yeah, hell of a lot of fun. and i've got pictures to prove it!

ray crowd surfing to the so-so glos. what could possibly be better? maybe ray's girlfriend crowd surfing during le rug's set (but we don't have a picture of that on file..)

that's the drummer from the pidgeons break dancing for a good lookin irish girl while matt, max and marissa (collective the M squad) look from afar

dude from color buk and dude from michael jordan looking a ray squeeze one a hot nasty fart

dexter and dude from so so's watchin a bass be destroyed

dude from donner party picnic rockin out to the rug


if anybody has more pictures, especially of the other bands holler at me, i'll throw em up here.

i gotta go... i'm on a mission from God to go chill with eskimeaux at her new place in philly. party hardy if yknow what i mean gimme a call if you wanna go too. more more music ASAP i'm gettin on it!

(#40 was SEX REDUCTION FLOWER by Le Rug, for the record. if you want a copy message Ray over at myspace.com/lerug or come see us on the 20th on myrtle ave... it's a sophia warren joint we're playin)


do it to it, best summer ever, non-stop, rum sodomy & the lash,
conor gerard meara

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Welcome to My Bed said...

I just got back from LA this morning at about 7:30, and I was going to come down to hang out by you guys tonight, but Alec said he needs sleep, so I guess I'm gonna sleep too. So basically I've been smoking Cali bud and drinking tequila like a pro while watching Kevin Smith's entire catalogue of movies. And occassionally leaving my friend's apartment to by cigarettes and perhaps visit Venice Beach or West Hollywood for dollar tacos. But now I'm home. Tell Alec to not be lazy.