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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the other day, i guess it never posted...

sorry to be brief but i'm stealing internet from the pitt campus right now and it's slow (don't feel like going inside... no smoking signs kill.)

my computer's also about to die. but anyways. my last show with le rug was on the 20th. a sophia warren joint with a line-up very similar to the le rug release show. it may have been the same minus so so glos... i don't know. can't think back fast enough.

le rug played two songs before we got warned that the cops were coming in t-minus 15 at which point we let michael jordan get in a couple tunes. Richard Gin's got some photos up on his flickr but i don't know where the link's gone to and i must be gettin on (23% battery...)

anyhow. i'll update this later... look for lots of new material from far stretches of this continent soon enough. new curious george, virgil warbug (finally), stuff and stuff and stuff.

send me shit. conor c/o tamur.records 4701 wallingford st. pittsburgh pa. kitty toys? a new litter box? (the pizza boxes work but i don't know how frequently housemates will be eatin the stuff)

i'd say himme a hollar but my phone done broke itself once again. hopefully a new one soon...

peace all,
conor (c/o tamur)

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