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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


we (the newly assembled Shambles Haus) are excited to bring to the public an album by Virgil Warbug entitled "But I'll Give One to You."

the track listing is as follows:

1. Devil in Yer'eye (lyrics by John Lehmann, music by Conor)
2. the Leaving of Liverpool (ripped off an old Pogues song with the Shambles Haus choir in full drunken force)
3. Nowhere, Nowhere (I'm Leavin') (lyrics by John, music by Joe P and Conor, featuring Adrianna on vox)
4. Run, Boy, Run II (music by Conor and John, lyrics by Conor)
5. Jaxun (the old Johnny Cash/June Carter duet featuring the Shambles Haus choir)
6. Run, Boy, Run I (music by John and Conor, lyrics by John)
7. Season Two Finale (lyrics + music by Conor)

we'll be puttin this up here soon (tonight, if John keeps his word) as our 42nd record for the site.

maybe i'll post some lyrics too...

until then, here's a little taste of an unmastered track, "Devil in Yer'eye." it's a .wav file cos i don't feel like converting it to mp3 before the thing is done so it's a hefty 21mb. but if you're patient, i promise it may be worth your time and bandwidth.

Virgil Warbug - Devil in Yer'eye (rough mix)

peace out from pittsburgh, PA.

-conor (c/o tamur.records)

by the way, that picture at the top is the new "home studio" for the time being. let me know what's up in your neck of the woods.

p.p.s. has anybody heard from the bunny? up in montreal meeting cute international girls and taking advantage of the drinking age, i'm assuming. up next after this Warbug album is (finally) a Tom Blacklung & the Smoke Stacks release (featuring Rob, drummer from Canaries on bass and fronted by Joe P, Canaries' right guitar)


Welcome to My Bed said...

The bunny has dropped of the face of the planet. Can't say I didn't expect it. Maybe texting doesn't work in Canada or something.

Anyway, let's make music! I have never been to Pittsburgh, but I'm sure you'd be a good tour guide. I promise to make a visit at some point. Love.

Conor said...

bunny doesn't have a phone that works last i checked and unfortunately that goes for me as well.

definitely visit. bring all those who are worthy of max chillin n gettin naked over a jug of bad wine

how you like that song?