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Saturday, September 6, 2008

#44 - Hundred Dollar Elephant, Compilation, 2004-2006

this is Ray. Ray's last name is Weiss. Ray Weiss is the man behind Le Rug (see our "Sex Reduction Flower" post below) and when Ray was but a wee-little-Ray in high-school without two drummers and a horde of talented musicians obeying his every command, he had a project of demos that he recorded himself (to my knowledge) which he called Hundred Dollar Elephant. this .zip file is a compilation of all of that, 29 tracks in all including demos of Le Rug songs, crazy psychedelic freak-outs that must have been inspired by high-school drug use and even some Beatles covers. that's right. he sings all the harmonies. enjoy!


hundred dollar elephant myspace
le rug myspace

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