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Saturday, September 6, 2008

#46 - a Three Ring Circus, Untitled full-length, 2007/8

a Three Ring Circus (was): "Will Spritzler - Vocals, Whimsy :: Ross Lipton - Piano, Decadance :: Helen Buyniski - violin, carburator, mayonaise :: Sean Ali- UpRight Bass, Matches, Radios, Records :: James Corrigan- Drums, Percussion, Rotary Telephone, Elephant, Accordion, Trumpet, Toy Saxaphone."

once i moved to the nyc/north jersey area after high-school, three ring had evolved into a five-piece including upright bass, violin and drums. they played and recorded old songs revamped into a new dimension as well as writing some of their best as this arrangement.

this is an album they recorded with and mastered by Ben Schurr (b'rer). it's rad as fuck.

both of these albums have been put up with the consent of Sean and i don't believe he was able to get in touch with every band-mate for their approval. hope you enjoy it and if anyone has a complaint, let me know at conormeara@gmail.com. long live three ring circus, rest in decadence.

all those awesome photos by Rich Herrera

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