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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Hi-Fi :: Patrick Meyers' Big Bad Beserker Band

Like reggae? sure, why not. that was my attitude when i was approached by Joe P with the opportunity to work with two of Pat Meyers' projects starting with his band the Capos (Flemington, NJ) which later turned into the Big Bad Beserker Band (Philly/Brooklyn), the latter which had more of a polished pop-oriented sound with Pat performing mostly everything on the tracks and my help on bass for some.

We recorded a ton of songs for the past year or more mostly in this past winter culminating in "Bullet to the Head, Knife to the Heart," "No Guns at My Party" and more. for some reason i think we were the only people in north New Jersey recording reggae in the winter in jackets due to a broken furnace. and if that's not true, we were most likely the only white kids doing it. the sessions are all on Joe P's computer in north jersey so while i work on getting the records up here, check out THE MYSPACE.

the entire experience was incredible and i (and the rest of the 1331 crew) learned a lot about playing and recording reggae, pop, and polishing up records. on the other side, Pat had the opportunity to use the Canaries' recording equipment, influence, amps, guitars, organs, and other random noise-makers. check it out, enjoy it, shout at Pat on the space.

Just a note: the tune "Intensified 68" is the only tune on there that i didn't engineer or contribute to in any way. the songs on the space are unmastered mixes that need mastering before they get up here. look out for 3-4 EPs worth of material just as soon as i can manage. LOOK OUT and Enjoy!

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