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Monday, September 15, 2008

hey friends

so im doin da tussin bare with me

i thought id give bunny in canada update

tamur is looking rad, good work conan

smokestacks soundin rad

hearing john sing while smoking is also excellent

i moved into a new apartment with lots of room

and found an awesome violinst my second day in my new residence. all we are looking for is a drummer. we already have a song down, and a few more we are working on. its called 'killing bugs'

if anyone by some chance in hell knows a drummer in montreal, please let me know somehow. even if you just know someone who knows someone who lives near montreal, ask them if they know any drummers or know anyone who knows any drummers who would be good to play my kind of thing.

temporarily we are called 'wall with a laser"

but we might be called walrus laser

or wall and laser

hopefully lo-fi recordings coming soon, either with my sad attempt at drums (with no drum set) or no drums at all.

smeone tell taylor to play come here and learn drums

wock and woll

wheels and wabbits

miss yall


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