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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Think it's Coming Around

the Canaries - Coming Around (Unreleased "Poke" Sessions)
There is no air - in the train or in the station
i am slowly falling faster - like a dead bird, shot my patience
care to stick your thumb in this refrigerator?
i know it's not cold we're not saving for later.
eat a lot of protein but i don't get stronger -
do a lot of falling but i don't get flatter.
she says she needs an umbrella but the plan was never in a carnival ride
take turns learning a capella, selling mellow cotton pride

I think it's coming around
up and down
all around
what's that sound?

There's a fire in the basement where the homeless are living
and the homeless are laughing at my reasons for living
i like to fake orgasm and then tell them it's working
use a different method than sleeping, ignoring,
everthing's boring.
no use ignoring.
is anyone employing? John Cusack's alluring
in the rain, so much pain,
put that sports drink in my brain,
buy that shovel, say my name.

I think it's coming around.

There is no air.
there is no air.
there is no air.
there - is - no - air.

The sun was in her eyes and there was no one home to greet her
she's a birthday card, a garden grower and a sleeper.
walk through lakes of lava to an island where you won't care
have yourself a dream i'm not the people i just live here.

- e. bunny (the Canaries)
I just sent out a bunch of invites to people to write for this blog so we'll see who responds. hopefully we'll get some lovely words out of it.

- conor meara (the Canaries) <- HAPPY BIRFDAY, SARAH. (lil late on the blogside.)

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