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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She Disappeared into a Whiskey Shot :: the Glos + the Market

the Market Hotel is becoming a cultural institution and it's fucking beautiful. i've had the pleasure to play with the Glos on a number of occassions with Le Rug and over here we're working to put on a show in Pittsburgh Oct. 22nd at Shambles Haus for them. and Ned's birthday, which will be a weekend long event. last time i visited the Market it was massively fucked up and nothing near this scale was happening, so i'm glad things are working out there and applaud the efforts of everyone involved. i also learned that Le Rug is now practicing there -- something i'm sad i've missed out on.

the market has achieved a dream that i've held since highschool and i'm glad for them. people are watching and not only is the market speaking about my frustrations in NYC as an artist but they're providing an alternative. there's a write-up on selfportrait.net's AntARTica blog (which Ray writes for) where i copped the following video. enjoy::

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