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Friday, September 19, 2008

the "Marketable Sphere of Art" :: GLOCAL

- The mainstream music industry is biased towards geographical position; cities become 'hot pockets' of new music, irrelevant of talent.

- The mainstream music press concentrates on similar-genre artists, whilst the link between tunes and fashion grows more and more.

- The new bands you will get to hear about in widespread magazines will be those who pay publicists to get them press."

What's this all about now? well, it's quite simply actually. intuitive. let's divulge! here's more from their "about" page ::

Music is everywhere and can take any form. The idea behind [glocalscene.com] is to get away from conventional techniques of distributing and broadcasting music. We physically travel to local music scenes around the world meeting those in the communities themselves. The music we find is down to chance and the people we meet.

In the age of MySpace, YouTube, Satellite TV and Digital Radio music from anyone and anywhere should be embraced. Yet it mostly isn't. It has become a more marketable sphere of art.

Our world community know no genres or geographical boundaries. The music within these pages can be described as world music in its most general sense (music from across the world, whether it be popular music, Chinese music or sounds from a man eating a shoe in Greenland).

We have all met artists from our local scene with incredible talent, [glocalscene.com] wants to try and bring them together and find out about the surroundings of where such music orginates.

There will be a film documenting the local music scenes visited so far, set for release in September 2008 [glocalmovie.com].

Our label sells music of some of the artists in our community. All proceeds go straight to the owner. We didn't make the music, so we won't take any of ze money.

Our gig booking uses the vast community that we have at our fingertips (bands, venues, bookers...) to make it easier for artists in need of advice and support for touring.

None of us have any money. We do art as an extension of who we are. That extension does not need to be manipulated or streamlined in anyway. Those we have met project a side of them that we would love to share with the anyone who cares to listen. If you would like to share any music/art/writings from your local scene then please do. By reading this page you are as much a part of the community as anyone. We want to grow. We want to encompass all areas of art. We want information, stories and music from far and wide.

We want a community.

Le Rug and our friends Ollie Byrd & the Trees are both a part of this global community with the Rug's "C.R.E.E.P.," "Bleenex" and "Sex Reduction Flower" all available for download from their store (if you want to pay for a physical copy you've still got to get to a show but hey, this is 2008! the age of itunes! what the hell's a jewel-case anyhow?) GLOCAL will help you set up tour dates, host your music, let you see an Atlas of the World Music and they're even coming out with a film where you can learn more about at the movie's homepage or check out this trailer (there are a ton of glocal vids on youtube judging by a quick search.) And all this can be traced back further to a Paris, France based team called Chestnut Productions, who, "having travelled to the places the music industry never goes, are the Bible for anyone interested in the current state of world music. Also, Chestnut Productions is a web and graphic design company taking work from around the globe." live, learn, celebrate, enjoy.

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