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Saturday, October 11, 2008


not complete, but very close


bunny1 said...

fucking nuts

le rug ray said...

they are forggeting
the so so glos!
michael jordan!
Lidia Stone!
Brilliant Sweaters!
lots more i cant even think about
also, rasputins secret police is not from new york, they are from philly.

Banzai said...

Yeah, I made this..
The thing is.. I want to expand by linking bands. I know there are PLENTY that aren't on there, like the ones Ray mentioned. Also, it's not NY exclusive anymore. Here's the latest version:


This one isn't up at http://nyclocalbands.50webs.com/ yet, but it will be soon.

I'm glad people like this! Thanks for the fucking nuts, bunny! (that was too funny to pass up)


le rug ray said...

the new one is much improved
this is super ambitious, and i applaud you for it.
you should get in contact with joe from sleepwhendeadnyc.com (ratsofnimh@gmail.com) he should be able to throw you more bands as well.

Banzai said...

Thanks Ray. I will most definitely do that.