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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"Jingles' Jangles is a weekly live music performance set featuring bands from the New School University [Manhattan, NY] and bands we love here at WNSR. For the debut set, we heard from Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks [ex-Canaries members Rob E.P. Lundberg and Joe P.]"

Track-listing includes: In to Enter, Hearsay, Suck it Up, Billy, Independence Day, Just Sounds, Crap in the Wind, Break One, Tweek, Pneumonia (Bjork), Smokestack Lightning (Howlin' Wolf), Something Against You (Pixies), Underwear (Pulp), Picking Flowers, Shake it Up Baby.

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ALSO ::: Downloadable live album version of tracks will be available on here and elsewhere in the very near future.


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Joe Pee said...

Yo, nice work on the B&W/Editing. Thanks.