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Saturday, January 31, 2009

tr#50 - LE RUG, "Party Rock" E.P., 2009

(Artwork by Lila Ash)


1. Douchebag
2. Kathleen
3. Happiness
4. Making Vaseline
5. What's Your Mother Say About You Guys
6. Jailbait

Liner Notes: This album will be a digital only release, being that we are all broke and have no money to get it printed, i might make some d.i.y. copies for some shows. You might notice that the artwork is totally different than the preview from the last post, that is because the girl that made the artwork hates me and will not give me the artwork, so thank you Lila for the new artwork. You might also recall from the last post that i was holding up the release untill we got it properly mixed, although the reality quickly set in that the album was never going to get mixed anymore than it was, so i am releasing it as is. I play everything on the album except the bass by Conor Meara (with the exception of track 5 where i play bass.) I SHOULD ALSO MENTION that this is the first Le Rug album to feature a song that was not completly written by myself, track 3 (Happiness) was for the most part written by our ex guitarist Max Kagan.
I hope you enjoy! Let me know!

nothing to say when there's nothing to do

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OYeah Obama Amen

Great speech. For the first time in 8 years i feel as if there may be hope for the country i love so much. God Bless America

America, fuck yeah!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

open letter from efrim of Godspeed! 2001

godspeed you black emperor!

an open letter from efrim.


we made a mistake,
we did an interview with a liar,
and now this whole explosion of righteous opinion, like the cat's out of the bag= godspeed's not a band of earnest monk-like politicos making music, we're actually self-righteous ideologues, latent fascists, loudmouths, assholes...
point is,
we never claimed we were anything we weren't,
never promoted ourselves as an answer to anything,
did our best always to be straight about our own lostness and confusion in the face of this whole ridiculous industry which does not bend or compromise, but swallows, appropriates, destroys...
easier to dismiss us as hypocrites than to actually engage us in a debate or a conversation... hell, we like talking, we LOVE talking; problem is that most interviews don't involve any talking at all, more like some sort of standardized test, fill in the blanks, blahblahblah...

anyone wants to punch holes in our politics, go ahead; you wanna say that we don't properly address the paradox of a "political" band making money off of compulsive shoppers or victims of fetish capitalism- guess what, YOU'RE RIGHT! we haven't properly addressed that paradox at all, and we know it and we kinda know why too- if you want to talk to us about that, then go ahead, give us a call, we'd love to talk about it (as long as you can hold up your end of the conversation, as long as you're willing to talk to us about you're own failings, confusions, or epiphanies in the face of this cruel cruel world...)

mostly the reaction to this silly little interview has been way more disheartening and angering than the interview itself... all these half-assed opinions and reactions, all highlighting the same old tired chestnut, that politics get in the way of music, that any band with any sort of political awareness, however fuzzy, is either completely naive and clueless or completely full of shit...

we've done our best to articulate ourselves plainly, honestly and politely, we've never lectured or insisted that everyone should believe the same things that we do; instead we've pleaded and pleaded and pleaded, we've thrown these records into the ocean like so many hopeless transmissions, praying and hoping that some people would get the point, the simple simple simple point; that the world we live in is lost, violent, and obscene, that the relations we have with each other and ourselves are mostly alienated, that together we need to begin figuring out how to fix ourselves, our communities, our world... hardly groundbreaking stuff, hey? but still, you start talking like that to most rock journalists and they don't know how to respond... and when you start criticizing the way that most bands, record labels, rock venues, rock magazines function than not only are you naive, but you're also arrogant, hypocritical and WRONG...

which brings us to radiohead;
we don't know radiohead,
we've never met them or communicated with them in any way,
some people in godspeed like their music others don't...
the fact remains, radiohead are owned, part and parcel, by a gigantic multinational corporation, and their critique of global corporatism is tainted by that one harsh reality..

we're interested in debate,
we're interested in CONVERSATIONS,
but instead of anyone actually talking about the merits or shortcomings of our argument, what you get is a whole lot of feigned shock and indignation, like somehow criticizing radiohead is symptomatic of our own arrogance or hypocrisy...
it's all so silly, it just makes you tired and sleepy even thinking about it...

maybe from now on we keep our mouths shut some more, yeah?
leave the talking to the talkers,
keep our heads down and lips buttoned, yeah?

for the record,
when we did the interview with the guy from OOR,
we were mostly very polite...
we didn't insist that the microphone be hidden in a napkin holder...(???)
when i said "we are a collective and we speak as a collective and we will not answer these types of questions.", i was making a joke about people's conception of us... it was clear to the interviewer that i was joking, but he chose to present it as an earnest statement...
we didn't order a non-vegetarian dish...
we aren't "a canadian post-rock squatter's collective"...
and i'm not "without a doubt the leader of the group"...

to the guy who did the interview,
when the interview was done, you were so nervous that your hands were shaking like a little boy's hands and you wouldn't look us in the eye... you gave me a small box of chocolates with those trembling hands and you said something like "i hope you don't think these are too corporate.." for three days after that i was stricken with irrational guilt about your nervousness, i felt bad that we had flustered you so much, and i was upset that we were unable to find a way to communicate anything of value to you... you struck me as a lost, weak, lonely man and i felt a fair amount of misguided empathy towards you... i now regret feeling anything at all, and i wish you nothing but continued misery, loneliness and despair...

this message is only my own opinion,
i don't, and i will not, speak for the other eight members of godspeed...


p.s. anyone who wants to talk some more about this stuff should feel free to e-mail me (hotelzion333@hotmail.com). i'm on tour with a silver mt. zion right now but i will do my best to respond as quickly as i can...

february 3, 2001

to friends

Why are we all so alone here
All we need is a little more hope, a little more joy
All we need is a little more light, a little less weight, a little more freedom.
If we were an army, and if we believed that we were an army
And we believed that everyone was scared like little lost children in their grown up clothes and poses
So we ended up alone here floating through long wasted days, or great tribulations.
While everything felt wrong
Good words, strong words, words that could've moved mountains
Words that no one ever said
We were all waiting to hear those words and no one ever said them
And the tactics never hatched
And the plans were never mapped
And we all learned not to believe
And strange lonesome monsters loafed through the hills wondering why
And it is best to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever wonder why
So tangle - oh tangle us up in bright red ribbons!
Let's have a parade
It's been so long since we had a parade, so let's have a parade!
Let's invite all our friends
And all our friends' friends!
Let's promenade down the boulevards with terrific pride and light in our eyes
Twelve feet tall and staggering
Sick with joy with the angels there and light in our eyes
Brothers and sisters, hope still waits in the wings like a bitter spinster
Impatient, lonely and shivering, waiting to build her glorious fires
It's because of our plans man; our beautiful ridiculous plans
Let's launch them like careening jetplanes
Let's crash all our planes in the river
Let's build strange and radiant machines at this jericho waiting to fall

Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!) - A Silver Mount Zion

Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward

Friday, January 16, 2009

PARTY ROCK (update/preview)

(artwork by the talented Kathleen McVeigh)
the top picture and bottom are all rough at this point but cool none the less, the first picture is quite obviously me but the other one is a picture of everybody that has played in le rug minus a few people that should be added soon. i was hoping to have a record done for everybody by today but the truth is that conor who is producing this album is sad, and has no motivation to mix or write his own bass lines. so the album is not done, but conor has pleged to work on it after i leave pitt. so since none of the songs were mixed, i made my own very rough mixes of the demos and i will give them to you if you email me at lerugray@gmail.com. i will post one of the demos that i think came out ok. if you would like to see this album sooner and finished, i highly recommend that you email conor (conormeara@gmail.com) and tell him how talented he is (Conor is super fucking talented) and that he is too young to feel so apathetic and that he is a great guy. awesome, here is one called kathleen, it will be up for a week.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello everyone!
i have secured a night at a new D.I.Y. space in Brooklyn (vanishing point, a block away from the montrose stop on the l train) where tamur artists are invited to come play a set and sell their merchandise. i would like to throw this kind of thing quarterly but this would be the first and subsequent events would depend on the tentative success or failure of this endeavour. If you are interested in performing and you are allready a member of the tamur community please send an email asap to me (lerugray@gmail.com) or conor (conormeara@gmail.com) confirming that you can play the gig. the date is set for march 21st. i really hope everybody can make it! also contact me if tou have any ideas for the show itself.
with love

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Le Rug Record

Hello All
i decided new york was boring so i took a ten hour bus ride to Pittsburgh to see Connor and record the new Le Rug Record. we should have it done before our next show on the 24th. i cant decide on a name, either PARTY ROCK or something else. but yeah, it should be about 9 songs, we will have a show to raise money to make real copies of the cd, if you buy a burnt copy and show me the burnt copy after we put out the real album, you get the new package for free. so in closing.
haill satan.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the walkmen - new country

The news is all good
And I’m flying higher
I’m back on my own
Don’t worry about me
I got no more baggage
I threw all my old things away
I got your letter
Thanks for the offer
I really don’t need a thing
Open the door in front of me

The sun is now shining down on me
Meet me as soon as you can
Bring me the money you owe for me
I’m taking my head out of the sand

Oh, maybe I’ll go see the world
There’s plenty of places to see
Voices I never have heard
Look at the way it ought to be

Oh, I’m all alone
Oh, I’m all alone
I know you're still listening to me
Isn’t a lot as far as I see

Monday, January 5, 2009

if you're bored and then quit smoking, and start eating instead of smoking then you get fat and die

Friday, January 2, 2009

guess who

everything is wrong

"i can't use color. I can do everything."