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Saturday, January 31, 2009

tr#50 - LE RUG, "Party Rock" E.P., 2009

(Artwork by Lila Ash)


1. Douchebag
2. Kathleen
3. Happiness
4. Making Vaseline
5. What's Your Mother Say About You Guys
6. Jailbait

Liner Notes: This album will be a digital only release, being that we are all broke and have no money to get it printed, i might make some d.i.y. copies for some shows. You might notice that the artwork is totally different than the preview from the last post, that is because the girl that made the artwork hates me and will not give me the artwork, so thank you Lila for the new artwork. You might also recall from the last post that i was holding up the release untill we got it properly mixed, although the reality quickly set in that the album was never going to get mixed anymore than it was, so i am releasing it as is. I play everything on the album except the bass by Conor Meara (with the exception of track 5 where i play bass.) I SHOULD ALSO MENTION that this is the first Le Rug album to feature a song that was not completly written by myself, track 3 (Happiness) was for the most part written by our ex guitarist Max Kagan.
I hope you enjoy! Let me know!


eLi said...

I dont think the link is working

le rug ray said...

it should be working now

i. t. nare said...

are those three covers just for fun or is it a 3 disc release?? d['>']b

SleepWhenDead said...

Rapidshare blows. I've been trying for 10 minutes to download this and it keeps bumping me, saying I have to wait for Premium members (?) first.

Sweet Love said...

how do you feel about college radio?

le rug ray said...

we would love to be on college radio

Sydney Howells said...

it ain't working!