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Friday, January 16, 2009

PARTY ROCK (update/preview)

(artwork by the talented Kathleen McVeigh)
the top picture and bottom are all rough at this point but cool none the less, the first picture is quite obviously me but the other one is a picture of everybody that has played in le rug minus a few people that should be added soon. i was hoping to have a record done for everybody by today but the truth is that conor who is producing this album is sad, and has no motivation to mix or write his own bass lines. so the album is not done, but conor has pleged to work on it after i leave pitt. so since none of the songs were mixed, i made my own very rough mixes of the demos and i will give them to you if you email me at lerugray@gmail.com. i will post one of the demos that i think came out ok. if you would like to see this album sooner and finished, i highly recommend that you email conor (conormeara@gmail.com) and tell him how talented he is (Conor is super fucking talented) and that he is too young to feel so apathetic and that he is a great guy. awesome, here is one called kathleen, it will be up for a week.


Anonymous said...

NOOO! take that second picture down, it's not readyyyy

Dexter said...

Put up Conor's IM and phone number too so people can harass him anywhere he feels safe.

le rug ray said...

Conor's Number-(609)-865-5522
He is awake all the time, go harass him anywhere he feels safe.

Alec said...

sounds like you have the hots for this "mcveigh" girl

Anonymous said...

no. he most definitely hates her fucking guts.

bunny1 said...