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Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello everyone!
i have secured a night at a new D.I.Y. space in Brooklyn (vanishing point, a block away from the montrose stop on the l train) where tamur artists are invited to come play a set and sell their merchandise. i would like to throw this kind of thing quarterly but this would be the first and subsequent events would depend on the tentative success or failure of this endeavour. If you are interested in performing and you are allready a member of the tamur community please send an email asap to me (lerugray@gmail.com) or conor (conormeara@gmail.com) confirming that you can play the gig. the date is set for march 21st. i really hope everybody can make it! also contact me if tou have any ideas for the show itself.
with love


bunny1 said...


gorgeousgabe said...

sounds like a party, I'd love to help in any way

Dexter said...

Lemme help with this as well. I am a dedicated fan of Tamur and also love helping sad boy Conor.