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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Best Show Ive Ever Seen

Just wanted to say that the Tamur.Records Showcase at death by audio was absolutely fucking incredible. All the bands played the best ive ever seen them play and there were TEN of them. Great job Ray, especially for the first show ever he's booked.

Book more, please...(with maybe less than ten bands...) (or more....)

heres my quick version of the bands, the one picture here is the only one i took. sorry, i can't see.

Colour Buk: Blows my mind every time. Real music. This is how i feel sober, this is how i feel on drugs. Drones in the chest, rubs me so right even though its dissonant and loud as hell. Dont know how they do it. Fuckin RIGHTEOUS.

Joe Pee: though limited by not having a band (tom blacklung and the smokestacks) it was high energy and excellent song writing. Loved it as always. DANCING IN THE DARK by bruce springsteen was a true highlight of the evening.

Donner Party Picnic: This was my first time seeing them. THANK GOD someone is till playing the sludge. Thought it was awesome and i usually hate horns but this totally worked. I talked to one of the members who spoke of being slow, playing slow and living slow. The fast thing is over according to Donner Party Picnic. And i dont necessarily agree, but as far as they are concerned, i'm goin 25 in a 50 - and loving it.

Then i played, i dont remember much of that.

Brandon cant dance highlights included watching rockets (remix) and turbulent girl, with josh on drums on both. And GREAT dance moves.

Le Rug was high energy as ever, conor meara of the canaries back on bass from Pittsburgh for the night. Moshing and crowd surfing really picked up here.

NON-STOP blew me away. So tight. Axel on party patrol and Debbie's voice was straight up relentless for the entire set. And it took some work to get them to stop. Loved every minute, havent ever seen live metal that tight. Got a lot of bruises.

THEN as the perfect contrast on the other side of the punk-spectrum the TIMID ROOSEVELTS, grooved us to death, almost sounding like a pez-dispenser joy division on some of their new, unrecorded tracks. Matching uniforms, great minimalist drumming and kickass vocals/ lyrics. And ricky on bass. Best set ive ever seen them play.

RAINBOW PARTY. once again, the best ive ever seen them play (and they are always great). faster and punker than ever. New songs are great. Havent heard music id call "punk" that is this original, tight and catchy...ever. And their drummer, Sydney, does. not. fuck. up. andplaysofast and makes me want to spray beer at your ugly mother while she eats breakfast.

and ahh yes, my long time basement friends RASPUTINS SECRET POLICE absolutely destroyed. Louder than all, tight as ever, they delivered the goods as great as they ever do. Heard a bunch of new stuff i really loved. Truly an overwhelming set in every way. i got a t shirt. i got a t shirt. i got a t shirt.

All in all just wanted to say again, everyone was incredible. EVERYONE. or i wouldn't even have typed this up. Great show, lets do it again TOMORROW. NOW.

anyone with pictures or video, give all a link in a response to this post. I saw a bunch of cameras i think.

Other highlights include:

Cop comes to the door, a drunken Conor answers, Cop says someones GPS in their minivan is on and that they should turn it off so it doesn't get stolen. It was my minivan. THANK(?) them police?

fuck them fuzz

love to all, get drunk and think of me

e bunny


sydney said...

hey, thanks ray for throwing this, we had tons of fun!
all bands were awesome. we love tamur!!!!
-sydney/rainbow party

Bobbie said...


There's the link to my photos from the show. Sorry I forgot to post it sooner.

Also, really Alec? Ricky on bass?