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Sunday, March 1, 2009


MARCH 21st



Opening up our first annual showcase is Colour Buk, a two piece noise/drone group from Levitown Long Island. (Hometown of Bill O' Riley) Most times, Colour Buk plays completly absurd venues such as Irish bars in midtown playing along rap metal bands where the people at these establisments would more rather cut their genitals off then listen to a noise group. Nonetheless, this is part of the genius of the band, members Adam Kastin and Brandon Wulle have been known to use vibrators, tools, and other crazy shit as part of their live set so tamur records is really excited to be in the process of putting out a Colour Buk record and having them rock at our showcase.


Coming up next we have Donner Party Picnic, Hailing from Brooklyn (for the most part.) Tamur is in the process of putting out their new E.P. which at the moment sounds like Captain Beefheart and the Pouges on speed. Henceforth, this band kicks major fucking ass. Complete with a horn section, this band will bring you back to the good old days before coney island got bought out by the russians, like when you would go and drink on a merry go round and party with bums and junkies. If you dont believe me, take a quick listen to "Cheap Gin" on their myspace.


Whenever im asked to describe the music of Alec Gabin, i almost allways follow up with, "Lil-Wayne meets Nirvana." Up from the ashes of my favorite band of all time the Canaries, Alec has released tons of material and has not let up at all. I started playing drums for Alec after i moved into 1331 with the rest of tamur and i was blindsided by the record "Its Time To Do That Thing We Do" and then i jumped in on drums and we recorded " 'Merican " that summer. (Downlaod all of these and more on the catalog.) In the music world of today, there are only a handful of writers with enough lyrical prowess to make you shit your pants when subjected to their wit, Alec Gabin is one of these writers, dont miss it.


Another Post Canaries group featuring guitarist Joe Plourde. TBSS sounds like really angry hick-punk. All of the musicianship is bad ass and Joe's guitar work is unmatched anywhere. unfourtunatley, the whole lineup will not be at the show and instead TBSS will be doing a set with just Joe and their new bassist. (their drummer has to go to a bar-mitzvah, you dont want to fuck with that jewish guilt, trust me) The songs sucseed in getting you out of your seat and going crazy, even if your by yourself, and they do a pretty slamming cover of twist and shout live.


Holy fuck. Both Conor and Alec wouldnt shut up about this kid they knew named Brandon. One day i downloaded all the BCD stuff i found on the tamur catalog and i found myself not being able to shut up about this band, along with sending cheesy admiring myspace messages to brandon. The amount of talent that exumes out of this individual is extrodinary. His first BCD record which he wrote when he was 15 or 16 seriously brought me to tears. a sample of some of my favorite lyrics from the record goes, "Mr. President, you look sick. Drink my fluids." Jesus christ, if you've never heard BCD, go listen to everything on the myspace and download all of his records from the tamur catalog right now, do it.


Yep this is my band. i started it when i was around 19 (2 years ago) when my old band The Medics broke up. When i was around 16 or 17, The Medics were offered a major label contract with island records on under the condition that i fired my whole band and wrote more choruses, i turned down the offer, went to school, developed a really nasty amphetamine habit, and ended up stuck in a psych ward for 3 days. The Medics quickly broke up after this and then Le Rug was born. Weve put out 5 records, been through somewhere around 15 members, and been on one tour. I dont want to be that guy that goes on and on about his own band so I'll cut it here.


NoN-StoP! is a party-core band from NJ. I went to go see these guys in williamsburg a month ago and my face completly melted off. Singer Debbie Hay screams like an absolute motherfucker, complimented by the ferocious shredding on account of Axel. Unless you count Michael Jordan, NoN-StoP! is the sole metal (thats debatable) band on Tamur, plan on slamdancing like a motherfucker and beating up your grandmother drunk in the pit. Tamur will be releasing their new record as soon as they get it to us. GET FUCKING PSYCHED.


The Timid Roosevelts are a 3 piece consisting of two sisters, and one dude Last summer, i had the pleasure of mixing the tracks that are currently up on their myspace. Their songs can boast being totally adorable and heart warming, but at the same time they have a very subtle viceral quality due to the nature of their instramuentation. A personal favorite track of mine is "cassandra", singer Bobbie Parker cures the soul with her exceptionally smooth brand of vocal stylings, and she can totally rap. Go check out the song sleep deep which features Alec Gabin on the rhodes.


Rainbow Party are from Kuntztown PA, and if where they are from tells you anything about the band, you are on the right track. with album titles like Butt Jamz (get it from the catalog), and songs like, "Weiner" this band clearly kicks ass. But funny aside, they are probably some of the best musicians i have ever seen. The guitar is incredibly twangy, the bass sounds like Steven Hanley (the fall's bass player), and the drums sounds like the guy from CAN on speed. I liken their sound to that of the minutemen, but (butt) better. They are the only band I know that can faithfully cover Gang of Four, and they also do the best Madonna cover youll ever hear as well. Go check out the live in house session they just did with New School radio. (That session was recorded by Joe Plourde of TBSS)


Say hello to your headliners. Rasputins Secret Police is the band of Brandon from Brandon Cant Dance. I have never seen these guys live before but word of mouth and youtube videos clearly shows that this one of the craziest and unbelievable live groups currently performing. Conor gave me their album "Lost Rhino" a year ago and not a day goes by where i dont listen to it. These two have been playing for years and their chemistry is tight as hell. brandon's howl over Josh's sick primal drumming makes for a band that clearly will be going places. you would be a total fucking idiot if you missed them.


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but what is the date?

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MARCH 21st