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Thursday, June 11, 2009

how was your jenkem hit today?


The Timid Roosevelts and I are in the process of running a fight club. If you interested, hit us up on myspace.

In other news, we're also in process of recording a full length. Until the album is done, the only track we are releasing is Baby Beluga. You can hear it now on the myspace, or download it here.
We're unsure of an album title, and when it will be released, but we're planning a big record release show possibly by the end of summer. I'm hoping in NYC? (knock on wood)

Since we're all waiting for that release show in NY to happen (knock on wood), how about coming to see us at Art All Night in Trenton, NJ on Sunday, June 21 and the Mill Hill in Trenton on Saturday, June 27. More info can be found on the myspace.

I'm gonna continue to be a nerd, and play video games before practice.

Peace out

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