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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Thursday, June 18, 2009


the Tracklisting ::
1. in to enter
2. hearsay
3. suck it up, billy
4. independence day
5. just sounds
6. crap in the wind
7. break one
8. tweek

the Talent ::
j-bone and papa jones - drums
rob the bass - bass
joe "my name isn't gourde! its plourde!" plourde - guitar/vox

artwork graciously donated by geoff 'kimchi' kim


Anonymous said...

this is my favorite tblss record. it is much MUCH better than serbian pop music, which i am listening to now. frantic screaming, beautifully sloppy and catchy as fuck guitar lines, essentially jazz drumming, and lyrics that make steve malkmus seem like a stoned little girl.

also, the packaging is fucking baller. much better than this jpg. using newspaper? made the album a lot newsier.

into enter just drags you in. and by tweek, you shit your pants.

mike sheffield

le rug ray said...
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le rug ray said...

i have to agree with mike, this record is fucking fantastic. sounds really great also for a live record, almost like the pixies at the bbc.

conor said...

i HATE live pixies recordings. live pixies recordings have almost made me hate the pixies a lot of times.

also :: reunion? why?

also :: stephen malkmus IS a stoned little girl. but that's ok sometimes.