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Friday, August 14, 2009


There is going to be another Tamur Showcase Friday, August 21st with a super special line-up of groups. Take down that date, write it on your iCal iPhone non-paper hippie shit, and I'll be on here ASAP to let you know where it's going down.

::Anna Bradley (definite opener, definitely loud)
::::Thy Burden (bluegrass + whiskey project booked by Joe P)
::::::Hunt Club (booked by Joe P)
::::::::NoN-SToP! (now with Conor Meara on bass)
::::::::::Every Bunny Welcome (possibly Michael Sheffield from Michael Jordan on drums)

possibly !!!! Radiates
possibly !!!!!! Rasputin's Secret Police
but I'm waiting on their replies...

also, the albums are uploading... check out the new and improved Catalog to see where we're at with it!

Conor Gerard Meara (c/o tamur.records)

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