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Saturday, August 22, 2009

showcase IV

hell of a show. hell of a hell of a show. thanks to everyone who helped me pull it off last minute, to the All Call Inn, to Grant for running sound, to Cameron for hooking it up, to James for providing a drumset + vocal mic for the whole show, to debbie hay from NoN-SToP! for finding the venue and bringing me to the AMAZING black comedy show (one thursday a month, folks) thursday night, to the bands for showing up and rocking out, to everyone who showed up and brought friends. seriously went so smooth it was unbelievable and i think people had a damn good time judging by the drinking, dancing & laughter.

there will be more. Trenton is blowing up tamur style so get yer mind in the garden state if you wanna be there for the ride.

there's a ton of video from the show i've got to sort through and there were two excellent photographers doin what they do best (bobbie parker & dina mild) so there will, indeed, be some proof of all this.

till then stay sexy,
Conor Gerard Meara (c/o tamur.records)

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Anonymous said...

thank you, conor!