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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tr#090 :: Loudcat, "Proudcat!" E.P.

Loudcat :: Proudcat! E.P. GET NOW

1. What if, Ramone?

2. Glenn Park

3. Dull Fins


"Glenn Park" :: DOWNLOAD TRACK

Missionaries visited Manistee in the early 1800s, and a Jesuit mission house is known to have been located on the NW shore of Lake Manistee in 1826. In 1832, a group of traders from Massachusetts built a log house up the Manistee River. However, they were soon driven off by the Indians. The first permanent settlement was made on 16 April 1841, when John Stronach and his brother Joseph Stronach arrived at the mouth of the Manistee River in a schooner loaded with fifteen men and equipment to establish a saw mill.

On October 8, 1871, the town was practically destroyed by fire; on the same day the Peshtigo Fire, the Great Chicago Fire, and fires in Port Huron and Holland, Michigan occurred.

James Earl Jones, actor, first began acting at the Ramsdell Theatre in Manistee.

In the year 2009, the Manistee band Loudcat released their first E.P. entitled "Proudcat!" on [tamur.records].


-Conor Gerard Meara (c/o t.recs)

Friday, September 25, 2009

tr#089 :: Every Bunny Welcome, "Happy/Sad 2: Old, New, and Fucked Up"

Every Bunny Welcome :: "Happy/Sad 2: Old, New, and Fucked Up"



1. Help Me, Oh Lord
2. Black & White
3. Fuck
4. EyeRest (irus)
5. Dexamorphing
6. Littlehsnds4littlekee1
7. Three
8. Use Less
9. Deaf Organ
10. Cancer
11. Drospy
12. DeeDee
13. Blue Sea
14. Trivial Pursuit (J&C Demo)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tr#088 :: Anna Bradley, Are You a Young Rebel?

Anna Bradley :: Are You a Young Rebel?

1. Chronic
2. Lux Mundi
3. Breakhouse
4. a Voracious Appetite
5. Cats
6. I Never Learn
7. Rabbits
8. the Hunger
9. Hopeless

before "Nervous" EP was this full-length effort from New York's Kipling, under the name Anna Bradley. He likes his pseudonyms i s'pose. He's got a new one coming out soon (I'll be mastering it!) and he put up a new track over on TASTE. check it out. Below is track 8 from this record for your previewin pleasure. Enjoy!

Without Wax,

"the Hunger" :: DOWNLOAD TRACK

Come On, Nomi/Burning Desire

"Come On, Nomi" :: DOWNLOAD

"Burning Desire" :: DOWNLOAD

JEEEEAAAAAA!!! :: so here's two tracks I recorded a while back with Piggity Pat Meyers. I started working with him way-back before Joe P and I knew what we were doing (at ALL) and experimented a lot with recording techniques, mixing & reggae music. It started as an EP by the Capos (with Dan Jefferson on percussion, Scotty on drums & Jimmy on bass) called "No Guns At My Party" and ended almost a year later as the Big Bad Berzerker Band (me & Pat and support from those hanging around 1331). if all goes according to plan, all the records we made will be up soon :: but until then here's some music to feed yer ear-bellies.

Conor Gerard Meara

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trivial Pursuit/Bling in the Sink

"Trivial Pursuit" :: DOWNLOAD

was written by Alec and features Every Bunny Welcome on drums, vocals & left gtr while Joe P plays right gtr and I plays tha bass. Basic tracking was recorded by Alec & myself in Pittsburgh and more was added recently by myself and Joe. Mixed by both me & Joe P.

"Bling in the Sink" :: DOWNLOAD

was recorded over a year ago with Rob Lundberg on drums, myself on bass, Joe P on right gtr, Alec on Left gtr & vocals. We never finished it, we hated it, Joe just remixed it and we're finally putting it out regardless of all ill feelings. Enjoy!

Without wax,
Conor Meara

Saturday, September 12, 2009

tr#087 :: the Timid Roosevelts, Demography

the Timid Roosvelts :: DEMOGRAPHY

1. Cassandra
2. Crooked Bangs
3. Disc Jockeys
4. Sleep Deep (feat. E.B.W.)
+ Baby Beluga (from "Summer of Man" EP)

Met the Timid Roosevelts a long time ago when they invited the Pidgeons via MySpace ('the Golden Yrs' TM) to play a couple shows at the Rider University Pub. Bobbie, the bassist & sanger was half of the duo known as Tricked Out Gutter Fashion (who may not have recorded anything but were the first "signed" band to Tamur and, along with Alec & myself of the Pidgeons, co-founders of this li'l baby label). Anyhow. Since those days, they've matured, added Ricky Lorenzo (a metal bassist) on guitar, and came up to record Demography at 1331 with myself and Joe P. Ray Weiss from Le Rug even helped mix some tracks ('the Golden Yrs' TM). 'Baby Beluga' is thrown into the .zip and is a song from the forthcoming "Summer of Man" EP. Below is 'Cassandra' for your previewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Conor Gerard Meara

"Cassandra" :: DOWNLOAD TRACK


drink up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

an informal "business proposal"

To the staff of St. Stan's,

Our vision is to take the facilities available at St. Stan's and establish a non-profit fine arts education enrichment program. The program, called "Tamur Organization for Music and Fine Arts," aims to directly serve the citizens of Trenton but also seeks to serve a greater portion of New Jersey as well as the Philadelphia metro region. Tamur will be a collective of qualified artists, musicians, and thinkers who will provide professional-level instruction and mentorship in the creative arts, picking up the slack where underfunded school systems and after-school programs have left off. In the past several years, arts education are often the first to go on the chopping block when school budgets come under fire. The lack of creative outlets for public school students has reached such a crisis level that even the media has reached out, with VH1's "Save the Music" fundraising efforts being one highly-publicized example. Using grants and donations from both the public and private sector to provide these services at greatly reduced rates and soak up start-up costs, Tamur will provide community enrichment through fine arts education and appreciation. Children will have a place to go after school where they can express themselves creatively, make proactive steps towards building a career, and recognize the spiritual power inherent to the arts and music. Once a core schedule of student-oriented activities are in place, Tamur has the capacity to host events for the entire community. Because Tamur is comprised entirely of artists and musicians, we have deep-rooted ties to those same communities.

Ideally, on October 1st we would like to begin renting the lower level of St. Stan's, with every intention of expanding into the remainder of the building in the next twelve to twenty months as the program builds steam. The gymnasium would be partitioned off into sections and sound-proofed for private music and art lessons as well as academic tutoring. The library will be converted into living quarters, and the classroom will be used for a computer lab. By reaching out to local school districts and city-based youth programs, Tamur has guaranteed clientele throughout the school year with the potential for a very rewarding summer K-12 summer arts program. As of October 1st, Tamur already has the necessary resources for professional-grade music and sound recording with trained engineers and producers, not to mention a full-service rehearsal space. Tamur's in-house staff are among the most cutting edge of the East Coast arts scene, providing fresh perspectives on their discipline's history while keeping the lessons based in rudiments and tradition. If a student wants to learn how to play an instrument, sing, draw, subtract fractions, oil paint, raise their verbal SAT score, write a song, or graphic design, Tamur has a qualified instructor already waiting to begin. College students at one of the many surrounding universities (TCNJ comes immediately to mind) could enjoy a work-study experience at Tamur with the right communication with college administrators, and Tamur could even provide employment to people in the immediate neighborhood in the form of administrative and counselor positions. The best part about Tamur's fee-for-service programs is that they all remain based in the program's original subject matter. Tamur's resources will be built on the very things it seeks to instill in its students - artistic excellence.

We have already drafted grant proposals and advertisements. Instructors for all core subjects (a majority of music instrument performance, vocal perfomance, composition and theory, fine arts, and K-12 academics) have already been assigned. St. Stan's is the remaining piece of the puzzle: a welcoming and accomodating facility in which we can provide these necessary social services. Tamur's program wants to elevate the community's spirit through the arts, a realm which has always been an invaluable outlet for human emotion and growth. Students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds will come together at a common ground and connect through a variety of creative mediums. St. Stan is the perfect place to nurture those first important steps.


Patrick Meyer
Conor Meara
James Martinson
Alec Gabin

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dan Jefferson - Shapes + Bonus Tracks

So...it was over a year ago that my good friend Dan Jefferson invaded the now legendary 1331 for a week, bringing with him a jar filled with mind expanding experiences and a suit case of ideas. By the end of the week, he had Shapes.

A few months later, Dan came back to 1331 with a few Colors.

Posted below are a collection of these Shapes and Colors. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


1. Purple Birthmarks
2. I gotta pee so bad get me out of this traffic!
3. Lucid Lucy (featuring Gabby Smith [eskimeau])
4. Pink Bastards with Square Dance Moves
5. Alone (featuring Denny Dal)*
6. No Legs (featuring E. Bunny)*

* = songs orginally recorded for Colors

contact danjefferson@gmail.com for more...

stop.|| start. ---->

A community where everything is holy and has no value.  you are as important as a guitar. there is only beauty. a punk cult. nothing hides, everything matters. important doesn't exist. DO NO CLOSE YOUR EYES. throw nothing away.  trash is beautiful until it is hidden in a trash can.  no covers. no cans. paint is spilt and thrown on the ground and walls.  the water is always running. light comes from every light but the glass is broken.  walls are broken and laid out to behold.  dicks through pants.  tits bust shirts. no condoms no. cumming inside, cum everywhere. public sex. reveal everything but ourselves.  we do not matter. only our minds matter. music is the most full expression of the mind.  sound reveals us and hides our bodies.  trenton makes - the world will see it and reveal the only power we have.  the only way to hold our only strength is our mind.  there is life without thought. but without thought nothing exists at all.

[a text manifesto from tayler coilty draft 1]

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knifey Spoonie

Knifey Spoonie :: Knifey Spoonie
1. Little Squares
2. Phantom Shitter
3. Battlefield
4. In Hot Pursuit
5. When I Win the Lottery
6. My Winchester
7. No Regrets


I recently had the pleasure of hosting Knifey Spoonie at for a few days in Jersey City as they made their way across the vast wonderland of 'Merica. But originally, I met these guys in a shitting bar in Memphis, Tennesse (a surprisingly small town). They noticed my that my Kid Presentable t-shirt, like their band name, was a Simpsons reference and called me out on it. Regardless, they put on a kick ass show and their album sounds fantastic. Enjoy.