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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Come On, Nomi/Burning Desire

"Come On, Nomi" :: DOWNLOAD

"Burning Desire" :: DOWNLOAD

JEEEEAAAAAA!!! :: so here's two tracks I recorded a while back with Piggity Pat Meyers. I started working with him way-back before Joe P and I knew what we were doing (at ALL) and experimented a lot with recording techniques, mixing & reggae music. It started as an EP by the Capos (with Dan Jefferson on percussion, Scotty on drums & Jimmy on bass) called "No Guns At My Party" and ended almost a year later as the Big Bad Berzerker Band (me & Pat and support from those hanging around 1331). if all goes according to plan, all the records we made will be up soon :: but until then here's some music to feed yer ear-bellies.

Conor Gerard Meara

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