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Saturday, September 12, 2009

tr#087 :: the Timid Roosevelts, Demography

the Timid Roosvelts :: DEMOGRAPHY

1. Cassandra
2. Crooked Bangs
3. Disc Jockeys
4. Sleep Deep (feat. E.B.W.)
+ Baby Beluga (from "Summer of Man" EP)

Met the Timid Roosevelts a long time ago when they invited the Pidgeons via MySpace ('the Golden Yrs' TM) to play a couple shows at the Rider University Pub. Bobbie, the bassist & sanger was half of the duo known as Tricked Out Gutter Fashion (who may not have recorded anything but were the first "signed" band to Tamur and, along with Alec & myself of the Pidgeons, co-founders of this li'l baby label). Anyhow. Since those days, they've matured, added Ricky Lorenzo (a metal bassist) on guitar, and came up to record Demography at 1331 with myself and Joe P. Ray Weiss from Le Rug even helped mix some tracks ('the Golden Yrs' TM). 'Baby Beluga' is thrown into the .zip and is a song from the forthcoming "Summer of Man" EP. Below is 'Cassandra' for your previewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Conor Gerard Meara

"Cassandra" :: DOWNLOAD TRACK

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