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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tr#088 :: Anna Bradley, Are You a Young Rebel?

Anna Bradley :: Are You a Young Rebel?

1. Chronic
2. Lux Mundi
3. Breakhouse
4. a Voracious Appetite
5. Cats
6. I Never Learn
7. Rabbits
8. the Hunger
9. Hopeless

before "Nervous" EP was this full-length effort from New York's Kipling, under the name Anna Bradley. He likes his pseudonyms i s'pose. He's got a new one coming out soon (I'll be mastering it!) and he put up a new track over on TASTE. check it out. Below is track 8 from this record for your previewin pleasure. Enjoy!

Without Wax,

"the Hunger" :: DOWNLOAD TRACK

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