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Monday, September 21, 2009

Trivial Pursuit/Bling in the Sink

"Trivial Pursuit" :: DOWNLOAD

was written by Alec and features Every Bunny Welcome on drums, vocals & left gtr while Joe P plays right gtr and I plays tha bass. Basic tracking was recorded by Alec & myself in Pittsburgh and more was added recently by myself and Joe. Mixed by both me & Joe P.

"Bling in the Sink" :: DOWNLOAD

was recorded over a year ago with Rob Lundberg on drums, myself on bass, Joe P on right gtr, Alec on Left gtr & vocals. We never finished it, we hated it, Joe just remixed it and we're finally putting it out regardless of all ill feelings. Enjoy!

Without wax,
Conor Meara


an adaptation said...

do it to it!

michael alexander sheffield 1 said...

i like them both. bling in the sink is awesome, best first line ever. trivial pursuit could be on grey's anatomy, but that doesn't mean i don't like it. its fucking great.

and for fuck's sake, just call yourselves the canaries and start playing shows again. i will come to your first show, and stand uncomfortably close, and scream at you sounds that sound like they could be the words, but i assure you they aren't.

conor said...

yeah i'd like to. sounds like a good plan. working on more of trivial session tracks... just wait till we get to the punk shit