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Sunday, October 25, 2009

ComingSoon ::

  • new Anna Bradley :: shot over here from California, mastering by Conor Meara (myself)
  • new Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks, "Pleasantly Plump" :: 9 songs in under 20, tracked live at the New School, mixing by Conor
  • All Over :: "Howlin' Wolf" EP, Joe P & Dan Jefferson's weekend drunkery
  • the Hennessies debut :: 13 tracks from Philly, Conor on bass, Piggity Pat on guitar, Alec Gabin on drums
  • the "Soul Collective" (needs a name) debut :: slow jams like the Supremes and hard funk like the J.B.s with a little Booker T. and a whole heap of Al Jackson.
  • ANIMALGESICS :: a Conor project featuring Joe P from Smokestacks, Piggity Pat on drums, Axel from NoN-SToP! on metal drums, Kabir from Anna Bradley on surf GTR solo & harmonies, Becca Sandrz on some lead chick vox and WHOEVER ELSE WANTS TO CONTRIBUTE. Would like :: horns, strings, mandolin, noise, etc. Contact conormeara@gmail.com if you have recording ability or don't (and are within driving distance!)
  • Every Bunny Welcome classical record :: EBW on piano with arrangements for violin & others TBA.
  • a NEW CANARIES RECORD :: 6 tracks with Alec Gabin on vocals, L guitar & drums, Joe P on R GTR & engineering/mixing, Conor M on bass & engineering/mixing. Rob Lundberg contributing as well! All songs written by Alec and basic tracking with Alec & Conor done in Pittsburgh PA almost a year ago.
  • new RAINBOW PARTY rekkid? I know they'r working on it and i know it's gonna be released through Le Rug Ray's new label... if that doesn't pan out of if they's interested in a joint release (ours for free of course), or if they run out of CD-Rs, it's always welcome on here.
So that's what we've been up to... give us your patience and we'll give you somethin new to listen to... Errything's sounding tight as hell & gettin DONE with a lot of energy, balls & fun.

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michael alexander sheffield 1 said...

you forgot to add the drunken mike, joe, conor and berk takes. obviously. the beatles.