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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Jesus Lizard - Live

Who knew that people over 40 could rock so fucking hard?

I had the opportunity to see the Jesus Lizard at Irving Plaza this past week. Everything about the show sucked except for the Jesus Lizard. The security confiscated my pocket knife, they extorted 2 dollars from me for my bag at the coat check (they make you check your bag and then charge you for it), on top of completely raping all my belongs during the security check (luckily my stash was in my pocket!). Then the first band (Skeleton Key) blew some serious testes and beer was $12 a pop!

But then the Lizard came on. Despite the fact that David Yow is 49, he kicked some serious ass. He was actually bleeding by the second song. They played shit from Liar, they played shit from Head, they played shit from Pure, they played shit from Goat, they did it all. And they were old.

The bottom line here is that this gives me some hope that maybe someday, when I am 49, I will still be able rock hard enough to bleed all over myself (which, as of yet, I still have not done [although I did chip a tooth once deep throating a mic]). Up until now, I believed that only people under the age of 30 were capable of truly rocking socks, but now I see that it is more than just the vitality of youth that gives people the impetus for such decadent thrashing. It is the anger and frustration that comes from just being ignored by mainstream reality, and being in a place with other people who are just as pissed off as you are always helps. Positive feedback loops are the shit.

So, please, no more hating on people just because they're old. Only hate on people who are happy.


and romance got a cheap makeover.
the meteor shower never happened,
or nobody ever saw it
movie theaters got taken over by people who can afford it.
there is 1 (one) drive-in movie theater left in New Jersey.
someone find a fast food spot with a big parking lot and half decent girls on roller-skates rollin on up to your window
put 50 cent worth of 1962 gasoline in your metal hand-me-down station wagon and i'll meet you there.
learn how to drive stick on the way.
just get a soda. no grease, we'll be back later. we're going to go to the top of the water tower and hock loogies onto trees.
give your technology the old in and out and throw it in a river.
put it in your boot while you're crossing and "uh-ops," it's just another rock.
put the roll back in it.
release a game called Roll Band ::
you pick up a real guitar and make as much noise as possible with as many people as you can all at once,
but you have a really good drummer (so the people can dance)
and everybody has a concept of key and tonality that they're either following or fucking.
get off your computer. stop reading this. go find a mountain and when you get back to society, tell us what's at the top. LOUDLY.
or don't.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

some for every ::

i did not make this, but i DO appreciate it, and it is to be distributed willy-nilly...
so make it, or make something else, and send it off. BE LOUD (for someone other than your own ear-drum-death)

Conor Meara (c/o tamur.records)

the was no renaissance, we just named it too late

wikisays :: the Law of Disruption refers to the way in which innovative technologies disrupt the social order or status quo. It first appeared in the book Unleashing the Killer App. According to the authors, societal change is incremental (linear) while technological change is exponential. This disparity often leads to physical capabilities that far exceed the capacity societal norms can handle. For instance, technology such as trains or boats may bring a wave of immigrants to a country that is not yet comfortable with foreign cultures. Since attitudes of a population take time to evolve--through death, rebirth and adoption of new beliefs--while superior technology often proliferates rapidly, in this example the xenophobia would exist much longer than the antiquated means of transportation.

the Law of Disruption creates the Entrenched Player's Dilemma. The primary victims are industrial and political leaders. In most cases, entrenched players are not motivated to utilize or transition into disruptive technology because it means cannibalizing current profits. Fear of losing their primary revenue stream and their incapability of understanding the radical new changes in technology causes the status quo to freeze or self-destruct instead of adapting to the changed circumstances. "Television redefines the relationships of family and community; cloning challenges basic understandings and definitions of character and personhood. Electronic commerce has caught national and local governments completely off guard, and while they scamper to figure out how to apply whomever's law, the technology continues to evolve into forms less and less analogous to enterprises with which they are familiar." - Larry Downes, The Law of Disruption

/who wants to build some real long pneumatic tubes?

Conor Meara (c/o tamur.records)

a Three Ring Circus (for Autistic Children) ::

"Triumph of the Will" by A Three Ring Circus, "Masters"

This is a heavy heavy track from an untitled full-length release that didn't see light of day before the band dissolved. Which is really sad for them, was totally heartbreaking for me and if you like this sort of thing, damned unfortunate for you. But we have two records of theirs that've been up and they're really, well... what a lot of bands these days should be. Attitude, execution, style, belief. Total belief. Check them out. Their first record ("Montery...")was from when they were a vocal/piano duo, the one I've been referring to was with added violinist, upright bassist & drummer and was mixed and mastered by Ben Schurr of Br'er.

Conor Meara (c/o tamur.records)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainbow Party/Michael Jordan split tape ::

"F.P.S." by Rainbow Party, RP/MJ Split Tape

"On the Beach" by Michael Jordan, MJ/RP Split Tape

CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! this is the rekkid released by Nervous Attack Tapes (on myspace), a one-man operation designing and producing tapes and their containters in ye olde Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. NAT - 001 is the MJ/RP split and it can be yours for a $5 paypal donation to NERVOUSATTACK@GMAIL.COM :: if you'd like to pay with cash or are an international order, you can e-mail to get more info. so go get one. now. do it to it. because Michael Jordan is incredible. and Rainbow Party is incredible. and together (and among themselves/and printed onto magnetic tape) they are incredible.

as for tamur releases, here's what we've got(/had) for you ::

Michael Jordan :: Tubthumping :: Canaries Split

Conor Gerard Meara (c/o tamur.records)

Joe P ::

"Just Sounds" by TB&theSS, "live @ New School"

All Over

photo and tattoo by Bobbie Parker

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the Walkmen live ::

the Walkmen are not a Tamur band. You cannot find them in our catalog (unfortunately.) I have never met Hamilton Leithauser, Paul Maroon, Matt Barrick or Peter Bauer, but I DID stand next to Walter Martin as I ordered a hamburger one time at a Vespa scooter-fest in Philly a long time ago. Alec was with me, we seemed to be the only ones there (almost literally... there was another woman who was a huge fan and then a bunch of old-school greying metal-heads looking after a hot-rodded hearse and running sound... they rocked out too.) It was outside in the middle of the day and it was sunny. Alec and I were also invited down to D.C. by a girl at the band's old high-school's all-girls "sister" school in Washington D.C. I was in the Pidgeons and there was going to be a show with the Walkmen headlining and us opening + some other D.C. bands but the girl contacted Hamilton's mom who relayed back a message that they were very sorry they wouldn't be able to play because they were going to be on tour (for their second LP, "Bows + Arrows" I imagine...) but they wished us luck. That show never happened, the Pidgeons broke up a long time ago, but the Walkmen somehow are still around ever since that 2002/3 Saturn Ion car commercial featuring the song "We've Been Had" that put them on the map. I hope they never stop making records. See them live. Pay for their music. Or don't. But you probably should.

Conor Meara (c/o tamur.records)

P.S. Supposedly they're preparing a December release of 13 tracks they recorded. It's gonna be on Fat Possum records. BADASS.

Friday, November 13, 2009


when i woke up/
the streets were burning/
there was a white flag flying over city hall.
it was snowing/
in the middle of April/
and the river had risen 500 ft.

my tv's blastin' static people are hidin' in their attics/
i slept through the war.
they could'v left the cable even if they were not able/
what the hell do i pay taxes for?

when i woke up/
there was no sunlight/
and the sky was a blinding grey.
and the troops/
they march so silently/
from the river to their graves.


judgin' people by their shoes/
i saw nothing/
'cept yer laces tied tied/
judging people by their shoes/
high-5ing pi(d)geons/
w/ handfulls of peanuts/
i always said that this feeling would be fleeting
& for the rest of the year we'll wish we had the sun or someone/
to keep our feet warm at night/
come on, go on, i know you'v had your fun
go on get out i'll spend my days planting tulips in the moonlight/
you'll give up without a fight/

Thursday, November 12, 2009

T-SHIRTS, want one?

so i been home sick from work a few days n me, axel & mamesy J started working on t-shirts tonight... here's a prototype of the NoN-SToP! "surfs up" tee ::

and here's the tamur.records "BAKE A CAKE" shirt ::
way more coming, a bunch more drying in my garage (including "LO-FI DANCE MUSIC"). e-mail conormeara@gmail.com for any one you want! give me money! or buy me a drink! or give me smokes!

Conor Meara (c/o tamur rekkidz)

a Quiet Evening with NoN-SToP!

(2/4 at least)... NoN-SToP! may seem "stopped" to some, but really they're just gassing up to get ready to rev up and melt some more face. YOUR FACE. The line-up has seen some hardship (Dom on drums -> Eric on drums -> tao Steve on drums; Conor on bass -> Nick J on bass but CURRENTLY :: Nick J on bass, Kill-a Deb-o on vocal-thrashing, Dr. Axel on guitar & songwriting duties, tao Steve (philly) debuting on drums) but they're STILL ALIVE, still going, GREEN LIGHT, and here's just a little proof of it. Enjoy.

Conor Meara (c/o tamur "do-nothin'-for-you" records)

ALSO :: there's a NoN-SToP! documentary in the works... TRUST me, you'll NEED to see this. here's an unedited interview of Nick J by Axel. just wait till we catch all the drugs hookers and infighting on camera! it's like Behind the Music for 2009! but more thrash!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Alec Owen Gabin* ::

happy birthday, wherever you are, wherever you're going.

may all your walls be painted white and may you enjoy this (for some reason significant) day as much as a little kid enjoys christmas (but for some reason you refuse to).

don't stop doing what you do and trying to say what you want to say to anybody or everybody. we love what you do, we love what you've done & we love you.

here's a toast to you, to susie, to your music, your attitude, your pants & your suspenders. cheers. let us know if you wanna get a drink.

Conor & Dina
+ the tamur crew (tho i didn't ask/tho that's mostly just me and Mamsey J)

*a.k.a. Every Bunny Welcome, ex-Canaries, ex-Pidgeons, ex-Le Rug even.

p.s. this song reminds me of you. not in the kind of way where something makes me think about something else fondly, but when i think about this song i remember what it was like to hang out with you. i lost my voice singing some other covers that you wouldn't care for but i apologize for the hoarseness. feel free to not watch. feel free to watch. feel free to not feel free and do either.

peace, love & acid tongues, Conor.


is a covers project by conor meara & anybody else who'd like to record sounds on a track. so far featuring kabir from anna bradley and the taste of sleep blog, piggity pat meyer from the capos/big bad berserker band/the hennessies & joe p from tom blacklung & the smokestacks/hunt club/canaries.

here's a preview of the upcoming album for all you supporters & all you naysayers... the top track is a cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U" written by Prince for the Family but made popular by Sinéad O'Connor. second down is a cover of "Red Moon" by the Walkmen. the third is one by Shane MacGowan. Enjoy ::

tamur.records t-shirt designs

if you want one, e-mail conormeara@gmail.com specifying which one and i'll make one for you. you might have to bum me a cigarette though.


Monday, November 9, 2009

cc: tamur.blog

Hello Small World! :: I'm writing as a consistent patron of your fine hot apple ciders and coffee brews over the years :: Now that I'm back in the area I'd like to book 3-4 bands per show (shorter sets, 20-30 minutes) on any night of the week. You've got a great location :: due to the train & bus system + your opportunity to put on good all ages music for a portion of the huge amount of young people in and around the area (+ onward into Mercer county and beyond into Jersey) :: as well as the space itself are two reasons I'd love to put on an event(s) at Small World. We would promote the shows ourselves through traditional flyering as well as through our website and the rest of the social networking news-holes out there. We have our own equipment (includaing a P.A. system).

Tamur is a non-exclusive collective of musicians that was founded in 2004 in the 'Town & Country' diner (Bordentown, NJ) by members of the Pidgeons and Tricked Out Gutter Fashion (both bands currently deceased, R.I.P.). Our purpose is to help fellow musicians from writing to recording to getting gigs while simultaneously instating a sense of community.

All the music on the website (in the section labeled 'Catalog') is available for free download with the permission of its creator(s) and ALL ARE WELCOME TO LISTEN AND PARTICIPATE. There are over 80 records (E.P.s and full-length albums) available for download RIGHT NOW. If you look at the site you deserve a shot to be on it so send something along. make a record, put it up, get it out.

We also have a video section that collects live performances by bands who've released records with us as well as videos produced by musicians involved with the "organization."

Any bands that seem appropriate would be available to play (except [probably] that band from Michigan that dude from Minneapolis and the girl in California or the group in Indiana) in addition to dozens of others from Philadelphia, New Jersey & New York who we've played with and shared shows with.

It's just sounds :: good noise (we think).


Conor Meara (c/o tamur.records)

try and stop me.

[11/9/09 2:36:43 AM] Conor Meara: will you pick me up at the airport in about 2 months?
if you think it's a horrible idea that's fine but i'll need somewhere to crash for a minute
so... let me know.
but i'm really honestly serious
i can come with a couple thousand dollars a guitar a few changes of clothes a jacket and my laptop
it's either you let me come live with you in moscow for 6 months or so (at least? at most? whatever) or i join the peace corps for 27 months

[11/9/09 2:51:29 AM] Conor Meara: i'm going to find a tutor
and between that and rosetta stone and you and then some time there i think i'll be ok

[11/9/09 2:53:51 AM] Conor Meara: i have to!
i can't do anything else, it doesn't make sense
for some reason moving to moscow for 6 months does
and i know it'll be hard and annoying but it's ok, i'm young... i still got time to make mistakes as long as i can pay the rent
i'll play guitar in the subway all day if i can't find a job
all day every day
except when yer not at university

[11/9/09 3:00:33 AM] Conor Meara: my other options are ::
move somewhere else in the US where i don't know anybody -- keep this job i have and live at home and save up a lot of money -- keep this job and move out and be poor -- join the Peace Corps -- go to Russia -- go back to college
definitely not going to college until someone pays ME to go to college or they redesign the entire institution
definitely don't want to live at home
and definitely don't want to be poor in new jersey, it'd be much better to be poor somewhere else
the peace corps is over 2 years of service and i'd be living in complete poverty and working really hard physical labor because i don't have a college degree
and i've already tried moving to a different place in the US where i don't know anybody
and i didn't like living in manhattan, i don't want to live in brooklyn and living in pittsburgh was the worst
i wouldn't want to live in the south or in the middle of the country and the west coast has a completely different attitude that i don't see eye to eye with
so i really should move to moscow. and in addition to that being the best option, i get to be with you and learn a new language and see a new city that isn't like an american city
and i can play music with you and we'll be famous
but if we're not, that's ok too

photos by Dina Mild

Saturday, November 7, 2009

happy nov. 7th

without wax,
conor meara

A Moment for Quiet Reflection on the Current State of Shit

first, watch this video 3 to 5 times:

i was at this show. i was 16 or 17. i havent been the same since. it was the loudest show i have ever been to, as well as the hottest (both meanings) and most jamp-packed. take a close look, visually, at the video. this was a basement (the benrubi basement to be exact) no larger than a suburban garage (smaller, in fact) stuffed with more sweaty teenage boys (and 2 or 3 brave girls) than i have ever seen in one place. we didnt mosh, we danced and collided and smelled and sweated and heated it up to at least 95 degrees of stinking, smoke-saturated, girl-free, basement. it was the most tribal experience ive ever been a part of. movement, without aim to impress or hurt or hump, only out of necessity. a bi-polar, stoned out of his mind, anxious, nervous, Brandon, preaching without words, improvising without reservation, moving us all to the point of exhaustion. whispering ultra-loud nonsense in our ringing ears and finally we realized, in one way or another, this was the end of "it's 1969 okay!" and "i've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand", the beginning of a realisation of the empty, inherantly beautiful, meaninglessness that was/is existence post year2000. how great it is to be invisible.

immediately afterwords, i lay on the deck of the back porch, staring upward, as if you could get further... up. or in any direction.

the thing about music is that it is the loudest thing.

all other things can both literally and metaphorically be boring/dulled by it.

do not mistake this show for some "passionate musician" playing a "great set" for some fucked up teenagers.

although it was also this. but 2nd.

the musicians were not famous, names unknown, people fucking with their equipment before their set. they were part of the tribe, dancing as well, in the middle, pushed around. not the center, only the source. the aliens spoke to them, not us, but we all heard the good word from outerspace.

and i wish i was the silent type to not try and put that night into words, to leave it for the man upstairs to meditate on with a finger up his ass. but, fuck that, ima try and explain what i can so that we can fuckin make something of it, besides "fuck, what now?" or at least all look at eachother and high-five, and stick our fingers in our butts, and smile.

i brought a few people to the show... my friend natalie, who i was dating at the time took this video, i assume on her phone. it is my favorite video on youtube. it is my favorite video of rasputins secret police, it is my favorite piece of video evidence of what my generation is/was/will be.

a bunch of insecure, eternally-emotionally-fucked-up-from-middle-school, stoned kids in a basement listening to what the weird, tall kid has to say.

and he didnt write a speech, he just mumbled some shit really loud.

i guess i have no point, but i'll make one up cause that's what they taught me:

let's not forget why we are here. let's not forget the things that made it so, without a doubt, clear to us that we do not feel the same way as most. it is not that we do not care but that we dont give a fuck.

and we care too much.

here: watch it some more 

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009





and relax.
and do something.
and stand on it a minute.
can be a HUGE burden.
then DIE.
like the rest of em.
call it "a cubicle"
and SLAVE to your MACHINE.
(machines can be dirty too)
against ground?
against doing?
against enjoying anything?
for fun?

we're free.
and "YOU

conor gerard meara

2009 winter