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Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainbow Party/Michael Jordan split tape ::

"F.P.S." by Rainbow Party, RP/MJ Split Tape

"On the Beach" by Michael Jordan, MJ/RP Split Tape

CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! this is the rekkid released by Nervous Attack Tapes (on myspace), a one-man operation designing and producing tapes and their containters in ye olde Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. NAT - 001 is the MJ/RP split and it can be yours for a $5 paypal donation to NERVOUSATTACK@GMAIL.COM :: if you'd like to pay with cash or are an international order, you can e-mail to get more info. so go get one. now. do it to it. because Michael Jordan is incredible. and Rainbow Party is incredible. and together (and among themselves/and printed onto magnetic tape) they are incredible.

as for tamur releases, here's what we've got(/had) for you ::

Michael Jordan :: Tubthumping :: Canaries Split

Conor Gerard Meara (c/o tamur.records)

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