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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Alec Owen Gabin* ::

happy birthday, wherever you are, wherever you're going.

may all your walls be painted white and may you enjoy this (for some reason significant) day as much as a little kid enjoys christmas (but for some reason you refuse to).

don't stop doing what you do and trying to say what you want to say to anybody or everybody. we love what you do, we love what you've done & we love you.

here's a toast to you, to susie, to your music, your attitude, your pants & your suspenders. cheers. let us know if you wanna get a drink.

Conor & Dina
+ the tamur crew (tho i didn't ask/tho that's mostly just me and Mamsey J)

*a.k.a. Every Bunny Welcome, ex-Canaries, ex-Pidgeons, ex-Le Rug even.

p.s. this song reminds me of you. not in the kind of way where something makes me think about something else fondly, but when i think about this song i remember what it was like to hang out with you. i lost my voice singing some other covers that you wouldn't care for but i apologize for the hoarseness. feel free to not watch. feel free to watch. feel free to not feel free and do either.

peace, love & acid tongues, Conor.


Kipling said...

happy birthday alec


bunny1 said...

thanks guys. this is awesome.