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Monday, November 9, 2009

cc: tamur.blog

Hello Small World! :: I'm writing as a consistent patron of your fine hot apple ciders and coffee brews over the years :: Now that I'm back in the area I'd like to book 3-4 bands per show (shorter sets, 20-30 minutes) on any night of the week. You've got a great location :: due to the train & bus system + your opportunity to put on good all ages music for a portion of the huge amount of young people in and around the area (+ onward into Mercer county and beyond into Jersey) :: as well as the space itself are two reasons I'd love to put on an event(s) at Small World. We would promote the shows ourselves through traditional flyering as well as through our website and the rest of the social networking news-holes out there. We have our own equipment (includaing a P.A. system).

Tamur is a non-exclusive collective of musicians that was founded in 2004 in the 'Town & Country' diner (Bordentown, NJ) by members of the Pidgeons and Tricked Out Gutter Fashion (both bands currently deceased, R.I.P.). Our purpose is to help fellow musicians from writing to recording to getting gigs while simultaneously instating a sense of community.

All the music on the website (in the section labeled 'Catalog') is available for free download with the permission of its creator(s) and ALL ARE WELCOME TO LISTEN AND PARTICIPATE. There are over 80 records (E.P.s and full-length albums) available for download RIGHT NOW. If you look at the site you deserve a shot to be on it so send something along. make a record, put it up, get it out.

We also have a video section that collects live performances by bands who've released records with us as well as videos produced by musicians involved with the "organization."

Any bands that seem appropriate would be available to play (except [probably] that band from Michigan that dude from Minneapolis and the girl in California or the group in Indiana) in addition to dozens of others from Philadelphia, New Jersey & New York who we've played with and shared shows with.

It's just sounds :: good noise (we think).


Conor Meara (c/o tamur.records)


Anonymous said...

Just listen
just because we are making;
we are only just because
just because we are making sounds.
Mother Fucker.

conor said...

so who's the veiled cat angry enough to start quoting Joe P lyrics?

Joe Pee said...

that would be me, joe p.
i just didn't think anybody would know they were mine.
and i didn't want to look like a fag.
but sometimes, such things are unavoidable.
plus, you started it by signing off with just sounds.