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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Jesus Lizard - Live

Who knew that people over 40 could rock so fucking hard?

I had the opportunity to see the Jesus Lizard at Irving Plaza this past week. Everything about the show sucked except for the Jesus Lizard. The security confiscated my pocket knife, they extorted 2 dollars from me for my bag at the coat check (they make you check your bag and then charge you for it), on top of completely raping all my belongs during the security check (luckily my stash was in my pocket!). Then the first band (Skeleton Key) blew some serious testes and beer was $12 a pop!

But then the Lizard came on. Despite the fact that David Yow is 49, he kicked some serious ass. He was actually bleeding by the second song. They played shit from Liar, they played shit from Head, they played shit from Pure, they played shit from Goat, they did it all. And they were old.

The bottom line here is that this gives me some hope that maybe someday, when I am 49, I will still be able rock hard enough to bleed all over myself (which, as of yet, I still have not done [although I did chip a tooth once deep throating a mic]). Up until now, I believed that only people under the age of 30 were capable of truly rocking socks, but now I see that it is more than just the vitality of youth that gives people the impetus for such decadent thrashing. It is the anger and frustration that comes from just being ignored by mainstream reality, and being in a place with other people who are just as pissed off as you are always helps. Positive feedback loops are the shit.

So, please, no more hating on people just because they're old. Only hate on people who are happy.

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