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Thursday, November 12, 2009

a Quiet Evening with NoN-SToP!

(2/4 at least)... NoN-SToP! may seem "stopped" to some, but really they're just gassing up to get ready to rev up and melt some more face. YOUR FACE. The line-up has seen some hardship (Dom on drums -> Eric on drums -> tao Steve on drums; Conor on bass -> Nick J on bass but CURRENTLY :: Nick J on bass, Kill-a Deb-o on vocal-thrashing, Dr. Axel on guitar & songwriting duties, tao Steve (philly) debuting on drums) but they're STILL ALIVE, still going, GREEN LIGHT, and here's just a little proof of it. Enjoy.

Conor Meara (c/o tamur "do-nothin'-for-you" records)

ALSO :: there's a NoN-SToP! documentary in the works... TRUST me, you'll NEED to see this. here's an unedited interview of Nick J by Axel. just wait till we catch all the drugs hookers and infighting on camera! it's like Behind the Music for 2009! but more thrash!

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