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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Friday, November 13, 2009


judgin' people by their shoes/
i saw nothing/
'cept yer laces tied tied/
judging people by their shoes/
high-5ing pi(d)geons/
w/ handfulls of peanuts/
i always said that this feeling would be fleeting
& for the rest of the year we'll wish we had the sun or someone/
to keep our feet warm at night/
come on, go on, i know you'v had your fun
go on get out i'll spend my days planting tulips in the moonlight/
you'll give up without a fight/


Dan said...

i've heards these lyrics and the way it was sung from somewhere. did i? or could i have?

conor said...

this song's about 2-3 years old, so you've probably heard it at some point... it was from jersey city i think right before joe moved in. just remixed it a lil and shot the vid last night. there's another one from those sessions called "static" i'm putting up in a (couple?) hour(s) depending on how long the vid takes to process...

thanks for listenin yo!