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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Monday, November 9, 2009

try and stop me.

[11/9/09 2:36:43 AM] Conor Meara: will you pick me up at the airport in about 2 months?
if you think it's a horrible idea that's fine but i'll need somewhere to crash for a minute
so... let me know.
but i'm really honestly serious
i can come with a couple thousand dollars a guitar a few changes of clothes a jacket and my laptop
it's either you let me come live with you in moscow for 6 months or so (at least? at most? whatever) or i join the peace corps for 27 months

[11/9/09 2:51:29 AM] Conor Meara: i'm going to find a tutor
and between that and rosetta stone and you and then some time there i think i'll be ok

[11/9/09 2:53:51 AM] Conor Meara: i have to!
i can't do anything else, it doesn't make sense
for some reason moving to moscow for 6 months does
and i know it'll be hard and annoying but it's ok, i'm young... i still got time to make mistakes as long as i can pay the rent
i'll play guitar in the subway all day if i can't find a job
all day every day
except when yer not at university

[11/9/09 3:00:33 AM] Conor Meara: my other options are ::
move somewhere else in the US where i don't know anybody -- keep this job i have and live at home and save up a lot of money -- keep this job and move out and be poor -- join the Peace Corps -- go to Russia -- go back to college
definitely not going to college until someone pays ME to go to college or they redesign the entire institution
definitely don't want to live at home
and definitely don't want to be poor in new jersey, it'd be much better to be poor somewhere else
the peace corps is over 2 years of service and i'd be living in complete poverty and working really hard physical labor because i don't have a college degree
and i've already tried moving to a different place in the US where i don't know anybody
and i didn't like living in manhattan, i don't want to live in brooklyn and living in pittsburgh was the worst
i wouldn't want to live in the south or in the middle of the country and the west coast has a completely different attitude that i don't see eye to eye with
so i really should move to moscow. and in addition to that being the best option, i get to be with you and learn a new language and see a new city that isn't like an american city
and i can play music with you and we'll be famous
but if we're not, that's ok too

photos by Dina Mild

1 comment:

Conor said...

what you don't understand, alec, is that i'm leaving. so fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on. get off it.

look forward to a http://tamurrecords.ru and i'll look forward to you growing some balls and some decency.