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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

new NoN-SToP! video from Champs in Trenton

photo by Dina Mild

the whole damn set (by song) in HD video is available ***HERE***
click it 'n enjoy it!

Brandon Can't Dance, "Guess You're Weird Again"

Brandon Can't Dance, "Guess You're Weird Again"
DOWNLOAD TRACK (6.8mb, mp3)

the new BCD record (Vol. V) will apparently be sold over at "Beast Reality"... their download link to this new track seems to be supremely fucked (and it ain't just me...) so here's that track streaming & for download and until they actually have the album up/available (shooting for late January), here's what we've got fo' FREE nyukka! ::

Seahorse Morsels (Vol. III) [taken down at Brandon's request]

& see also :: Rasputin's Secret Police (who have a new album in the works too!)

photo by Bobbie Parker from the first tamur showcase @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn last year

peace out,

Monday, December 21, 2009

TB&theSS, "I Lost My Balls in Oklahoma"

Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks, "I Lost My Balls in Oklahoma"
(December 19th/20th Mix)

DIG THIS TRACK. Here's a(n unfinished) mix of a song off of Tom's 2nd full-length album "Pleasantly Plump" (due out on tamur soon after the holidaze). There'll be 8 (or 9?) other tracks on the record and it'll definitely clock in under a half hour. It's only been a year or so since "Buy Dem Cakes" (CLICK HERE!) was finished & released... give the fellas a hand (or two... clapping together). Also check out their live @ New School set HERE.

:: the Talent ::
Joe Pee - guitars, vocals
Josh Rosenbrrrrg - drums
Paul Wheel...urr - bass guitar

mix by Conor Meara & some Smokestacks

:: the Translation ::
there was a time when sound was sound
you could play feeling okay
getting on the bus was so damn easy
at the stop nobody get off

but everyone leaves
we're little people losing mass, time, and energy
there is never enough
but there are so many shadows

playing games nobody wants to play
dealing empty hands to desperate hands

but what are you gonna do
folding's for pussies
hitting's for fools
insanity abstains
rarely doing anything

PLAY IT LOUD and enjoy!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

tr#093 :: Thy Burden, "The Cochecton Hills: Epic Ballads of Murder & Whiskey"

(Behold) Thy Burden, "Toothless Hanna"

Thy Burden, the Cochecton Hills: Epic Ballads of Murder & Whiskey

Tracklisting ::
1. the Doctor's Orders
2. Cochecton Hills
3. 'Neath the Wild Oak
4. the Property Dispute
5. Whiskey Drinkin' Night
6. Pappy Johnson
7. Alone on the Highway Tonight
8. Toothless Hanna
9. Westbound Rail
10. Howlin' to the Train
11. River Delaware
12. Rebels Lament
13. No Escape from Livin'
14. Willy Welfel
15. Bright Morning Star

"Thy Burden is a one-of-a-kind NYC-based group that blends elements of old American music with gypsy undertones and raw lyrics. Every song tells a story that transports you to a time and place where murder, train robbing and whiskey drinking are the constant. The ten piece ensemble consisting of guitars, fiddles, banjo, mandolin, cajon, harmonica, a standing bass, spoons, and a saw promises the audience a rare and unique live experience with unparalleled foot stomping intensity. Their sound has been described in reviews as, 'the missing link between Bill Monroe and Gogol Bordello… They like minor keys and get the fires burning most brightly playing in them. They also like their tempos lickety-split, giving all the players a chance to show off some sizzling chops…'

Since the band's conception in 2007 they have played live at bars, colleges, festivals and on the radio on a constant basis all throughout New York State impressing audiences in their wake and will continue to do so. Thy Burden’s anticipated first album Cochecton Hills: Epic Ballads of Murder and Whiskey is set to release in spring 2009 and will offer fans an insight into the origin of a band that is rooted in the imagery of old-time storytelling, the hills of upstate New York and the sound of a posse of diverse characters coming together to bring a ruckus that is able to rouse and inspire anyone."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Dino :: "Stray Cat"

here's a little preview of a track from the forthcoming Baby Dino album, titled "all of our friends are dead" !!!!

drawing of Ms. Dino (see another here) by Nick Gazin, who is fucking awesome -- check out his drawings blog HERE

enjoy! have a lovely day! see you at the beach! bring a big jacket & duraflame!

peace peace,


tom blacklung & the smokestacks played this show as well, and i got it too... another day or so... ENJOY!

1. pick it up

2. game boy

3. title TBD (new)

4. title TBD (new)

5. title TBD (new)

6. milorganite

7. title TBD (new)

8. play ball like a girl


conor gerard meara.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tr#092 - Anna Bradley, "Anna Bradley" single, 2009

the a-side :: "Anna Bradley"

Anna Bradley - "anna bradley" single
a. Anna Bradley
b. Clotheshorse


Talent ::
Kipling on vocals & guitars
Dan Kolpin on drums
Damon Korf on bass

recording by Chris Elmer
original mixes by Kabir,
mastering by Conor Meara


Monday, December 14, 2009

the Promised Land

"the Promised Land" by Conor Meara
DOWNLOAD TRACK (<- right click, save as)

this one goes out to Andrew Baranek (Rainbow Party), Ray Weiss (Le Rug), Steph Lillo & all the other Bruce Springsteen fans/appreciators out there. it's a track from a little record i made in winter 2007/8 up in north jersey called "skip when shuffling" (tr#032). i was driving down the highway listening to "darkness on the edge of town" having completely forgotten that i'd recorded this cover and figured nobody's ever heard it... a big thanks to Joe Pee (Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks) and Gabby (Eskimeaux) for contributing howls in the choruses. oh, and them righteous dual drunk guitar solos performed by cerveza-Modello-influenced Joe.

Monday, December 7, 2009

tr#091 :: All Over, "All Over Howlin' Wolf"

All Over, "Smokestack Lightnin'"

DOWNLOAD NOW (free! 19.1MB diskspace!)

the most brutal white boy blues ever to emerge out of New Jersey? you be the judge... up next is a handful from and inspired by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. expect nothing less than miraculous. breathe deep some smokestack thickness & enjoy!

Conor Meara (c/o tamur records)