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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brandon Can't Dance, "Guess You're Weird Again"

Brandon Can't Dance, "Guess You're Weird Again"
DOWNLOAD TRACK (6.8mb, mp3)

the new BCD record (Vol. V) will apparently be sold over at "Beast Reality"... their download link to this new track seems to be supremely fucked (and it ain't just me...) so here's that track streaming & for download and until they actually have the album up/available (shooting for late January), here's what we've got fo' FREE nyukka! ::

Seahorse Morsels (Vol. III) [taken down at Brandon's request]

& see also :: Rasputin's Secret Police (who have a new album in the works too!)

photo by Bobbie Parker from the first tamur showcase @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn last year

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le rug ray said...

link should be fixed on beast reality, let me know if it still isn't working.