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Monday, December 14, 2009

the Promised Land

"the Promised Land" by Conor Meara
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this one goes out to Andrew Baranek (Rainbow Party), Ray Weiss (Le Rug), Steph Lillo & all the other Bruce Springsteen fans/appreciators out there. it's a track from a little record i made in winter 2007/8 up in north jersey called "skip when shuffling" (tr#032). i was driving down the highway listening to "darkness on the edge of town" having completely forgotten that i'd recorded this cover and figured nobody's ever heard it... a big thanks to Joe Pee (Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks) and Gabby (Eskimeaux) for contributing howls in the choruses. oh, and them righteous dual drunk guitar solos performed by cerveza-Modello-influenced Joe.

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get revolution said...

totally got sent this whole set of songs. pretty sure i put the artist name as "Canaries & Friends" and the album as "clumsy covers".

PS i totally drew that head picture. :)