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Sunday, December 20, 2009

tr#093 :: Thy Burden, "The Cochecton Hills: Epic Ballads of Murder & Whiskey"

(Behold) Thy Burden, "Toothless Hanna"

Thy Burden, the Cochecton Hills: Epic Ballads of Murder & Whiskey

Tracklisting ::
1. the Doctor's Orders
2. Cochecton Hills
3. 'Neath the Wild Oak
4. the Property Dispute
5. Whiskey Drinkin' Night
6. Pappy Johnson
7. Alone on the Highway Tonight
8. Toothless Hanna
9. Westbound Rail
10. Howlin' to the Train
11. River Delaware
12. Rebels Lament
13. No Escape from Livin'
14. Willy Welfel
15. Bright Morning Star

"Thy Burden is a one-of-a-kind NYC-based group that blends elements of old American music with gypsy undertones and raw lyrics. Every song tells a story that transports you to a time and place where murder, train robbing and whiskey drinking are the constant. The ten piece ensemble consisting of guitars, fiddles, banjo, mandolin, cajon, harmonica, a standing bass, spoons, and a saw promises the audience a rare and unique live experience with unparalleled foot stomping intensity. Their sound has been described in reviews as, 'the missing link between Bill Monroe and Gogol Bordello… They like minor keys and get the fires burning most brightly playing in them. They also like their tempos lickety-split, giving all the players a chance to show off some sizzling chops…'

Since the band's conception in 2007 they have played live at bars, colleges, festivals and on the radio on a constant basis all throughout New York State impressing audiences in their wake and will continue to do so. Thy Burden’s anticipated first album Cochecton Hills: Epic Ballads of Murder and Whiskey is set to release in spring 2009 and will offer fans an insight into the origin of a band that is rooted in the imagery of old-time storytelling, the hills of upstate New York and the sound of a posse of diverse characters coming together to bring a ruckus that is able to rouse and inspire anyone."


Josh said...

Toothless Hanna, not Anna. Thanks for nothing.

conor said...

dude! it says toothless anna! did i fuck that up??

ok... it says Hanna everywhere except my iTunes and on here... YOU sent me the zip.

Josh said...

ya i know. i was hoping you wouldn't notice and i could easily shift the blame.

conor said...

hahha.. don't think i ain't KEEN mr. rosenberg.